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What Happens When You Drink Before Sleeping

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Why is it bad to drink until you are totally out? It is very unhealthy to drink till you fall asleep. It kills the quality of your sleep and this would cause many other complications as your health condition is linked with the quality of your sleep.

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You tend to wake up feeling tired. Researchers studied drinking habits and sleep quality very closely and concluded that drinking may affect various cycles and patterns of sleep.

You tend to feel restless during sleep instead of feeling relaxed. When you are sober before sleep, your body gets a chance to repair itself and rejuvenate during sleep.

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Also your REM gets affected when you are drunk before sleep. Your body fails to shut down properly but your mind shuts down immediately as alcohol is a depressant.

Now let us know more...


You'll Crash

As alcohol affects your brain, you will instantly fall asleep. But your nervous system tends to be a bit active.


Heart Rate

Your heart rate elevates. Actually, when you sleep peacefully, your body tends to be relaxed; but when you're drunk, alcohol robs the rest and your body fails to relax well.


REM Sleep

As alcohol affects the REM sleep, the quality of your sleep goes for a toss. As REM gets affected, you won't feel fresh when you wake up.


Disturbed Sleep

When the effect of the liquor wanes, your nervous system gets activated and this wakes you up sooner than you are supposed to.



You tend to experience restlessness during sleep. You might toss and turn a lot not knowing whether to wake up or sleep more. In this phase, your heart rate again goes up.


You'll Feel Lazy

Once its morning, you don't feel like getting up as you didn't have good sleep but your nervous system goes restless.


You'll Feel Groggy

You may either feel groggy or may experience hangover after you wake up and get up from the bed. This is why liquor is said to be the first enemy of your sleep.

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Story first published: Sunday, February 14, 2016, 10:01 [IST]
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