The Ugly Truth About Trans-fats In Your Packet Of Chips

By: Niharika Choudhary
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So, are you on a diet? Do you make sure to check the fat content in whatever you eat?

You have pledged to cut down all the sugar, calories and fat content in your diet. And you have almost succeeded in that.

You have swapped all the aerated drinks with healthy fresh juices instead. And you always make sure that you only eat food products that have zero trans fats.

Did you just say that your bag of chips has 'zero trans-fat' written on it and you are going to finish that pack all by yourself? Well, good luck with your dieting then!

Did you know that any kinds of fat, be it saturated, unsaturated or trans is loaded with calories?

Labels that boast "zero trans-fat" don't at all mean that the food is completely trans-fat free. Even one serving of the food with 'zero trans-fat' can contain up to 0.5 grams of the trans fat.

Food is only completely fat free if the label reads 'no trans-fat'.

So, the next time you sit nibbling your wafers away thinking it's fat free, make sure you check the label first for 'no trans-fat' rather than 'zero trans-fat'.

The Ugly Truth About Trans-fats In Your Packet Of Chips

What Are Trans-fats

Trans-fats are are either natural or added artificially. The natural form is found in animal products such as milk and meat, whereas the artificial trans-fat is made by adding hydrogen to liquid oil. Hydrogenation converts liquid oil into solid.

Food prepared by this method, using artificial trans-fats, increases the shelf-life of the product. Artificial trans-fats are extensively used in making fried foods, packaged snack foods, baked goods, margarines, etc. So, this is a huge hit with the manufacturers, as it cuts the cost and increases profit.

Trans-fats Have Harmful Effects On Your Health

It increases the risk of heart disorders by increasing the "bad" cholesterol in the body. Consuming trans-fats also increases your risk of diabetes by about 40%. It also puts you to a risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes amongst other disorders. Trans-fats even damage the inner lining of the blood vessels.

So, How Do We Avoid Trans-fats?

If the label on your food reads "hydrogenated" or "partially hydrogenated", it means that the food includes trans-fat. The next time you shop, remember checking for these labels for sure.

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