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The Link Between Raw Foods And Libido

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For both men and women, raw foods seem to work when it comes to boosting libido and fertility too. You might have heard that water melon is said to be as potent as Viagra for men.

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In the same way, avocados can help release certain fluids to lubricate a woman. Many raw foods support the reproductive system in many ways and that is one more advantage of sticking to raw foods.

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In fact, some of the raw foods play a direct role in promoting blood circulation and boosting libido. Now, let us discuss what else raw foods can do to your reproductive health.


Water Melon

If you have thought that water melon contains nothing but water, think again. It also contains nutrients like citrulline that can almost act like viagra. Men need it more.


Leafy Veggies

Wheatgrass, leafy vegetables and even pumpkin can help women as they contain zinc which relaxes the privates of women.



Lentil sprouts, black raspberries and Brazil nuts are said to stimulate the drive and also offer endurance.



Salads, seeds and even germinated nuts provide the necessary nutrients to enhance sensitivity, pleasure and desire in men and women.


Vitamin E

Sweet potatoes and carrots contain Vitamin E which is good for both male and female libido. Eating them a few hours before lovemaking helps a lot.



Niacin or vitamin B3 can enhance blood circulation to privates. Foods like avocados and spinach contain niacin. It is good for blood flow to the private parts.


Grains And Hormones

Whole grains have an important role to play even in the bed room. They are important for production of certain hormones and they also relax certain systems in you and boost libido.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 5, 2016, 10:37 [IST]
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