10 Things Your Breast Says About Your Health

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A woman's breasts change throughout her lifespan and all these changes are more than just hormonal ups and downs. Breast changes speak volumes about a woman's health and, in some situations, the breast will indirectly tell you if you are sick.

Examining the breast once in a month is something every woman must make a habit of doing. Regular breast check-ups can help to prevent make matters worse. On the other hand, since it is rightly said that a woman's breasts can communicate a lot about what's going on inside her body, we; therefore, bring to you ten things your breast says about your health.

From inverted nipples, nipple discharge, sudden and rapid breast growth, shrinking breasts to even change of colour and shape noticed on the breasts. Some of these breast changes are not alarming and some of them are! If you have had normal-looking breasts till now, it is still necessary for you to visit a gynaecologist for a general check-up.

Experts advice women to pay notice to their lady parts and ensure that they look healthy and feel good at all times, since a breast cancer is the second killer after heart attacks:


Are They Growing BIGGER?:

Hormonal changes during periods and at the time of pregnancy can cause your breasts to grow in size. Weight gain is also another reason why your breasts look bigger.


Shrinking Breasts?:

Look on the bright side, if you notice your breasts are getting tiny, rather shrinking, it only means that your weight loss diet and tricks are working! Breasts are made of fatty tissues that tend to shrink too, when the body loses weight.


Disgusting Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks often appear on the body right after pregnancy. However, if you have not been a pregnant yet, these stretch marks on the breasts indicate that the body is either gaining or losing weight.


Itchy, Itchy Breasts:

If you are suffering from itching under the breasts, this indicates that your skin is having an allergic reaction either to the bra material or to the body products used.


Poky Breast Hair:

Breast hair is a sign that you have one of the most common problems women face today, and that is PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). It is a condition where the ovaries or adrenal glands produce excessive amounts of male hormones, thereby resulting in cysts.


Are Your Nipples Itchy?:

Itchy nipples could either indicate a reaction to a medication or dry skin. In some cases, the nipples itch when you are nearer to your period date. This sign is not alarming however.


If One Is Bigger Than The Other:

Even though no woman's breasts are perfectly symmetrical, it is best to get them checked if you notice one being bigger than the other in a great amount.


Lumps On The Ladies:

If the lumps appear to be small and pimple-like, they are just the ends of milk ducts inside your breasts. But, if the lumps appear to be bigger and painful, it is best to get yourself tested at the earliest.


Funny-looking Discharge:

Discharge is normal after pregnancy, but if the discharge looks a little blood like or greenish in colour, this can be an alarming sign that is not to be ignored.


Veins Overcome Your Breasts:

Veins that are visible through your skin are not alarming. This happens usually to women who have fair translucent skin.

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