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10 Cool Ways To Beat The Heat In April


Is sweat trickling down the sides of your face and the rays of the sun nearly killing you? Well, say hello to the beginning of summer and guess what, as the days pass, this heat is going to get a whole lot worse.

If you want to beat the rays of the scorching sun, you should plan your day accordingly, so that the heat does not get to you. Celebrating World Health Day 2016, we bring to you some of the simplest ways you can stay healthy and active in April.

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Drinking water, indulging in summer cool activities and by wearing cool light clothes, you will not be able to reduce the heat in your body.

You should make sure that before stepping out into the sun, your body needs to feel hydrated and your metabolism should be a level up.

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So, guys, what are you waiting for? It is time to start living a lit more healthier. Here are 10 super cool ways to beat the heat in the month of April, so that you can tolerate the month of May:


Physical Work:

Doing a lot of physical work in summer can make you feel exhausted and tired all the time. It is necessary to take good rest and spend time indoors than outdoors.


Fuel Up With Water:

In summer, your body loses out on a lot of water in the form of sweat. Fuel up your body with plenty of fluids and keep the system well hydrated and active to beat the heat.


Fall In Love With Water-based Foods:

Everywhere you turn watermelons, muskmelons and a whole lot of pineapples rule the city. To keep the body hydrated and away from summer sicknesses, it is necessary to fill your tummy with vitamins with the help of water-based fruits.


Light Clothes Is The Key:

Wearing light clothes of light hues will be helpful to beat the heat in summer. The sun's rays will reflect on the body and thus will keep out the heat.


Homemade Body Scrubs:

There are a plenty of homemade body scrubs, which you can use to make the body feel cool in summer. Apply watermelon juice along with some cucumber juice on the pulse points of your body to keep off the heat in the month of April.


Lay Off The Bad Habits:

Time to quit the butt this summer. By reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke, it will help to reduce the excessive heat in the body, therefore enabling you to feel cool.


Choose Your Beverages:

Choose your beverages wisely. Stay away from coffee and tea, as they will produce more heat in the body. Turn to cooler drinks like buttermilk and fruit juices.


Avoid The Sun:

Avoid walking in direct sunlight. Whenever you step out, walk under the shadows of trees or simply carry an umbrella.


Bathe Daily:

Take a cool shower twice in a day to reduce the body heat. You can also indulge in summer activities like swimming, which will enable you to feel cooler in this heat.


Lay On The Floor:

By lying on the floor every night, the body heat will gradually decrease, thus helping you to feel cooler. This habit is necessary in summer, as sleeping on the floor will also help in reducing your stress levels that normally rise to a peak when the temperature rises.

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