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    7 Common Mistakes That Will Surely Make You Diabetic

    Diabetes is one of the major lifestyle health issues that is on the rise in recent times. You might be hearing of it quite often. There are certain common mistakes that we commit in our day-to-day life that will make one diabetic.

    When the body is not able to use the glucose in the blood, it increases the sugar level in the blood, which is termed as diabetes. So what exactly causes diabetes? Diabetes is majorly caused due to lifestyle factors and certain mistakes in our daily habits. Obesity, lack of exercise and stress are a few among them.

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    There are two types of diabetes: Type-1 which is an autoimmune disorder and the other Type-2 diabetes where in the body develops resistance against the insulin. Of the two, Type-2 diabetes is more common.

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    Apart from the high blood sugar level, other symptoms of diabetes include headache, fatigue, blurred vision, frequent urination, dry mouth, frequent urinary tract infection and situations where cuts take a long time to heal.

    So if you are looking for ways to control diabetes naturally then here it is. Check it out.


    1. Skipping Breakfast:

    Skipping breakfast is one of the worst risk factors for diabetes. This leads to consumption of more calories later in the day and this causes disruption in the sugar level too.


    2. Not Eating Probiotics:

    Probiotics or the good bacteria help in better digestion and this regulates the blood sugar in the body. Hence, not eating probiotics increases the risk of diabetes.


    3. Taking Too Much Stress:

    When you are under too much stress the body releases stress hormones that affect the insulin and increase the sugar level in the blood.


    4. Not Taking Enough Vitamin D:

    If the body lacks vitamin D, the risk of developing diabetes, especially type-2 also increases. Include vitamin D-containing foods in your diet or even taking sun bath helps prevent diabetes.


    5. Sitting Throughout The Day:

    Sitting and working the whole day or watching television, that does not allow you for any physical movement, will surely make one diabetic.


    6. Poor Sleeping Habits:

    Sleeping too less, watching television till late night is yet another factor that increases the risk of diabetes.


    7. Eating Too Much Refined Carbs:

    Foods like white bread or white rice that consist of too much of refined carbs also increase the risk of diabetes. Hence, one should lessen its consumption.

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