7 Surprising Facts You Must Know About Your Urine!

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All of us pass urine on a daily basis, that is a fact. However, most of us may not be aware of certain health facts about our urine, which are quite important!

Do you ever keep a track of how many times you urinate in a day? Are you aware of what is the average number of times a person needs to pass urine in a day that signifies good health?

Well, most of us may not be able to answer the above questions.

Many a times, people do not pass urine in regular intervals due to their busy schedules or simply because they may not be aware that one should pass urine in regular intervals, in order to avoid certain diseases.

Urine is a pale-yellow liquid that is a by-product of the metabolic waste produced in the body.

Urine is accumulated in the kidneys and when flushed out of the kidneys, it enters the uterus, then the urinary bladder and is finally expelled out of the body through the urethra.

Here are a few surprising facts on urine that you must know, have a look.

Fact #1

facts about urine

The human body produces about 2-2.5 litres of urine per day, even if you do not consume more than 2 litres of water, as urine can come from the food waste accumulated in your body too!

Fact #2

facts about urine

Urinating is considered to be one of the best, natural ways to detoxify your system. Peeing enough at regular intervals can rid your body of the toxins, waste, microbes, etc.

Fact #3

facts about urine

Paruresis, also known as "pee shy", is a social anxiety disorder, in which a person is unable to pass urine in public toilets, in the presence of other people, even if they are behind a closed door!

Fact #4

facts about urine

Another medical condition associated with urinating is micturition syncope, in which a person can faint immediately after passing urine. The exact cause for this disorder is not clear; however, some experts associate it with a drop in blood pressure while urinating.

Fact #5

facts about urine

Urinating too often, that is, more than a couple of times in an hour can be a sign of certain disorders like diabetes, over-reactive bladder, bladder infection, etc.

Fact #6

facts about urine

Acute urinary retention is a serious medical condition, in which a person is unable to pass urine at all! This condition needs immediate medical attention.

Fact #7

facts about urine

If you notice that your urine is excessively foamy, it could be an indication of kidney disorders and you must get it checked at the earliest!

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Story first published: Thursday, December 1, 2016, 11:42 [IST]
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