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Supplement Ingredients That Are Harmful

Posted By: Staff

When we cannot get enough nutrition from the food items that we eat, we fall back on supplements. Whether it is vitamins or omega-3 fatty acids, we consume these for their health benefits.

But have you ever given a thought about the ingredients that are used in these supplements? There are certain supplement ingredients that can prove to be very harmful for the body and can end up causing great damages to your health. Read on to know more about these supplement ingredients.

The whole world is going gaga over green tea. Green tea is being used to boost immunity, for weight loss, etc. But did you know that according to latest research, green tea extracts if used for a prolonged period of time can cause liver damage, high blood pressure, dizziness, anaemia and sometimes even death.

ingredients that are harmful

Red yeast rice is another supplement ingredient that has been used to treat heart diseases and lower high cholesterol levels. But according to latest research, it can cause issues related to the heart, kidneys, muscles and liver and also cause hair fall.

There is a supplement ingredient called usnic acid which is used in supplements that are marketed for pain relief or weight loss. This supplement ingredient can damage the liver and also cause injury to it.

ingredients that are harmful

Pennyroyal oil is another supplement ingredient that is used in supplements used to treat digestion problems and breathing issues. This supplement ingredient can cause damage to the liver and the nervous system, cause kidney failure, convulsions and even death.

ingredients that are harmful

Lobelia is a supplement ingredient used to treat respiratory issues and help people to refrain from smoking. According to research, it can cause vomiting, loose motion, nausea, seizures, tremors and even sometimes coma and death.

Look out for these supplement ingredients on the labels of the supplement containers and refrain from using them to protect your health in the long run.

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Story first published: Sunday, September 11, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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