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Strange Facts About Pain You Must Know

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We all have felt pain at some point of time or another. As kids we often fell down and felt pain. As adults a sprained ankle or a joint pain or any kind of injury has caused us pain. However, how we feel and perceive pain is different in case of different individuals.

The reasons are inflammation levels in the body, the way we have felt pain earlier and chemical and structural changes in the brain.

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strange facts about pain

Research has proved that meditation and cognitive therapy have been helpful in getting rid of pain. These help to address issues related to your underlying thoughts and beliefs. These change your behaviour towards the pain that you may be undergoing and help to provide relief from it. It makes you stronger and enables you to face the pain without fear.

strange facts about pain

PMS and menstruation are marked by a number of changes in the body. Research has proved that during this time, women experience a higher rate of pain than during any time of the month. It could be as a result of the fluctuation in the hormone levels, particularly oestrogen.

strange facts about pain

Men and women experience pain in different ways. The same pain is felt more by women or they seem to express it in such a way that it looks like they experience more pain. Some researchers say that the degree of pain is the same and felt in the same manner by both men and women but men do not complain much as they think it is a blow to their masculinity.

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strange facts about pain

There is a rare genetic condition that prevents some people from feeling any pain. This is because of specific gene mutations because of which these people do not even feel the sensations of hot and cold. This can prove to be very dangerous at times and these people could end up injuring themselves badly and not feel any pain at all.

strange facts about pain

Some food items can also affect the degree of pain that you feel. Certain food items like fried foods, refined foods and sugar can cause inflammation and increase your degree of pain.

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Story first published: Friday, August 12, 2016, 4:00 [IST]
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