8 Super Sleep Hacks To Overcome Insomnia

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One of the worst conditions one could ever suffer from is insomnia, not being able to sleep. Despite several attempts and trials, one fails to sleep. The result - you tend to feel tired, fatigued, agitated and also not able to concentrate on whatever you do.

So if you are looking out for ways to overcome insomnia, then here are these super sleep hacks you could take up, that actually help.

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The first step that one would take in case one does not get sleep is get the sleeping tablets that are quickly available over the counter and just pop in. Well, this might provide instant solution but experts suggest that taking these tablets should not be made a habit.

Stress and sedentary lifestyle are two of the major causes that lead to insomnia. Hence, identifying the cause and getting the needed treatment to overcome those causes would be one of the best ways out to treat insomnia.

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There are a few natural ways in which you could get a proper sleep and also these will not have any side effects as well.

Here is a list of few sleep hacks that would help in overcoming insomnia. Take a look.


1. Get Eye Mask:

Instead of popping in sleeping tablets, get those blackout shades which are available at the chemist's store. This helps to keep off the lights that would otherwise distract your sleep.


2. Eat Dinner Early:

Yet another well known sleep hack is to eat dinner early. It is always better to eat dinner atleast three hours before you go to sleep so that by the time you go to sleep your foods are digested.


3. Meditation:

10-15 minutes of meditation early in the morning and the same before going to bed would help in reducing the stress level and thus provide one a good sleep.


Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil helps in relaxing the mind and enhances sleep. Just add a few drops of lavender oil to the water before taking bath at night. Also, washing the pillow cover with a bit of lavender oil helps prevent insomnia.


No Exercise Just Before Sleeping:

Exercise increases your energy level; hence, it should be avoided just before going to bed. It is always better to get the exercise done before 5.00 pm. This helps in providing a good sleep.


Chamomile Oil:

Chamomile has all the essential properties to help relax the mind and make one fall asleep. Just put a few drops of chamomile oil in the water and take bath before going to sleep. It helps to enhance sleep.


Bit Of Reading:

Instead of fiddling around with the gadgets like computers and mobile phone, do a bit of reading. Reading magazines, journals and books helps in providing a good sleep and prevents insomnia.


Avoid Spicy Food Before Sleeping:

Foods that are spicy as well as high in sugar content drive away sleep. It is always better to have a light and balanced meal before sleeping.

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