Beware Women! 12 Signs That Your Body Lacks Iron

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If you are feeling breathless, weak and fatigued quite often, then you need to get your iron level checked. Lack of iron in the body might lead one to become a frequent victim of anaemia, and this is most common among women.

Most of us might not consider iron as an important aspect of our body. But we need to be very careful as even the slightest lack in its content might give rise to several health issues. Here are these few signs which will show that your body lacks iron.

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Iron is important as this helps in the production of haemoglobin in the body and forms a crucial part of the red blood cells that move the oxygen to all other parts of the body. If the body lacks adequate iron content then it fails in producing the red blood cells and thereby causes anaemia.

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Lack of iron is one of the common conditions faced by women which could be due to heavy menstrution, lack of iron-containing diet and pregnancy, where women require more iron levels for them as well as the new life which they would be carrying.

Here is a list of 12 common signs that show your body lacks iron. Take a look.


1. Fatigue:

You tend to feel tired and weak all the time when your body lacks iron. When the body cannot carry the oxygen to other parts of the body due to lack of red blood cells, one tends to get fatigued and restless.


2. Anxiety & Stress:

Anxiety and stress are other signs that women might experience when there is a lack of iron in the body. Iron plays an important role in regulating the mood as well as sleep.


3. Eye Problem:

Lack of iron in the body causes anaemia. The eyes generally turn pale when one is affected with anaemia. Also in certain cases the lack of iron in the body also causes itching in the eyes.


4. Tingling Legs:

Even as you sit suddenly you start having that tingling feeling in your legs. This is caused when there is iron deficiency in the body.


5. Cracked Lips:

If you notice that your lips are getting cracked and that you need to frequently make it wet using your tongue, then be sure that your body lacks iron.


6. Swollen Tongue:

You might have problem with chewing your food and swallowing it, as your tongue is swollen. Lack of iron in the body is one of the major causes that leads to a swollen tongue.


7. Craving For Non-food Item:

Several studies have pointed out that craving for non-food items like paints, muds, etc. are one of the reasons which shows that the body lacks iron.


8. Brittle Nails:

You might have a normal nail texture. But when your body lacks iron, you will observe that the nails will turn brittle.


9. Change In Urine Colour:

If you observe a change in the urine colour, especially red to slight orange colour then you need to get it checked. This can be due to lack of iron in the body.


10. Frequent Infection:

Frequent infection, especially respiratory problem is one of the major signs that your body lacks iron.


11. Sore Muscles:

When the body lacks iron your muscles also tend to become weak and you are at a frequent risk of getting sore muscles.


12. Breathlessness:

Iron is one of the important components that enhance the production of haemoglobin, which helps in moving the oxygen to all other parts of the body. When this cycle gets hampered, it causes breathlessness.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 6, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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