Simple Tricks To Relax Your Mind & Body

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We all get tensed and anxious in our life at one point or the other. This is a common human nature to feel bad and nervous about some things in life. However, do you know that this long-term nervousness and anxiety can invite many diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc?

Knowingly, or unknowingly, we fall a trap to certain unwanted situations in our life and start to take tension, which ruins our inner peace. Taking medications to alleviate anxiety is not the best remedy, as they have many side effects and can make you addicted to them.

In this article, we have mentioned some simple and surprising ways to relax your mind when you feel nervous. These simple ways to calm your nerves are medically proven to be effective and are easy to do as well.

These tricks can make your brain to think in a different way, and make you feel happy in life. So, read the article and use these simple ways to remove your mental tension.

Have a look at some easy ways to beat anxiety.


Eat A Pickle

A research has shown that fermented foods such as pickles, yogurt, sauerkraut, etc, are the best to relax you and ease the fear of being socially active. The good bacteria present in these foods keep your gut healthy, which in turn calms your nerves.


Give Yourself A Hug

Hugging your loved one has been proved to relieve anxiety levels, as the body produces the stress-relieving hormone. Hugging yourself too has the same effects! Yes, just wrap your arms around your body for just a minute to relieve your nerves.



Think positive thoughts and notice the things that you are blessed with. This will make you happy, as it will divert your mind by putting it in a different place. Make your brain dream about the unrealistic things just like watching cartoons that makes you feel elated.


Put Your Head Down

Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and lay your head down for a couple of minutes. This can make your brain think that you are relaxed in the most serious conditions. This is one of the quickest methods that you can try to calm yourself down.


Open The Window

If you are stressed out and not in a good condition of health then watch the beautiful nature around you. Breathing in the fresh air, watching the birds and nature can certainly reset your brain. This will give you a quick relief from anxiety and nervousness.



Rearranging and organising the scattered things and doing some cleaning at home can make you feel contended and happy. This will make your brain feel that the things in your life are also well managed even if they are not.


Brush Your Hair

When you comb yourself, you do small repeated movements. This helps the body to relax as well, as you get involved in a comforting routine. Hence, this is one of the surprising ways to feel relaxed.

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Story first published: Monday, January 11, 2016, 10:25 [IST]
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