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Signs That Your Lungs Are Affected; Check It Out !

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Like the heart and the kidneys, lungs also form an equally important body part. Any injuries to them not just affect the breathing but might also lead one to develop severe respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis, to name a few.

The lungs are a major body part that supply oxygen to the blood cells. There are a few initial signs and symptoms which show that your lungs are affected.

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Initially there might not be significant signs and symptoms related to lung disease, so one needs to be very careful. If you have a difficulty in breathing or your cough is getting worse, then you need to get it checked immediately. It might be a sign of a certain lung problem.

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Well, it might look like a simple and minor ailment initially but if left untreated it might lead to certain serious health issues and might turn fatal as well. So before it gets delayed one needs to get it diagnosed correctly and addressed on time.

Here is a list of initial signs and symptoms which might help one to identify lung diseases. Have a look.


#1. Chronic Cough:

When one develops cough it might be due to viral infection which starts receding after about a week or two. But when the cough prolongs for a longer period of time then it needs to be checked out, as this might be one of the major signs that the lungs are affected and one is at a risk of developing asthma, pneumonia or bronchitis.


#2. Wheezing For Long Period Of Time:

When you find difficulty in breathing and if when you breathe you get some kind of wheezing sound, then it might be an indication that your lungs have been affected. This is caused due to narrowing of airways and might lead to asthma and other lung-related problems.


#3. Shortness Of Breath:

When you get breathlessness after climbing just a few stairs or doing slight work then you need to check out. It might be a sign of lung problem and related diseases like bronchitis or asthma.


#4. Chest Pain:

When you have a chest pain it isn't just a symptom of heart problem but it can also be due to lung infection. When your lungs are affected you tend to have slight chest pain when you cough, sneeze or even as you breathe.


#5. Excess Mucus Production:

As we cough we tend to get mucus and what we normally do is ignore it thinking it is something common. But when there is an excess mucus production then it could be a sign of chronic bronchitis or also chronic pulmonary disease.


#6. Traces Of Blood In Sputum:

One needs to be very careful while coughing and check out for the colour of sputum. If there are any traces of blood in the sputum then it might be a case of severe lung disease known as tuberculosis.


#7. Change In Voice:

A simple cold might lead to a change in the voice but when one's voice gets hoarser and different from normal then it might be caused by lungs that are affected.


#8. Headache:

Sometimes a lung tumor affects the brain and the blood flow. It is during this kind of situation that one tends to get headaches. However, one needs to be careful as all headaches do not signify that the person has lung problem.

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