Damaged Kidneys Mean Your Entire Health Is At Risk: Dial A Doctor If You Notice These 10 Signs

By: Shubham Ghosh

Kidneys are an extremely vital organ of our body and they must be in a good shape to keep us healthy. Are there any possible signs to know if your kidney is damaged? Well, read on.

Kidneys do the essential job of filtering blood, flushing out the waste and extra fluids from the system, regulating blood pressure and electrolyte levels, producing red blood cells and ensuring healthy bones.

If the health of such an important organ faces a risk, then our entire body system faces a danger. Hence, it is very important to take care of our kidneys and not ignore signs that the body gives if there is some problem with the vital body part.

Here are 10 signs that hint at a possible malfunctioning of the kidney and one should waste no time to see a specialist for a timely treatment. Take a look.


1. Change In Urination Colour/Pattern:

Urination is very closely related to kidneys and any change in the colour of the urine or an abnormal pattern of urinating suggests that there is something wrong with the kidneys.


2. Bad Taste In Mouth:

If the kidneys are malfunctioning, then the process of cleaning of the waste gets disrupted. As a result, wastes start depositing in the blood, causing a bad taste in the mouth. In case the kidneys get affected seriously, there could be a significant change in one's tasting capacity and also appetite.


3. Vomiting:

Are you feeling nauseated and often feel like vomiting? It can be the result of accumulation of waste in your blood. Nausea can lead to poor appetite and the result will be loss in weight.


4. Swellings In The body:

Malfunctioning of the kidneys disrupts the procedure of flushing out the excess fluids and they accumulate in the body, causing swellings in the face and limbs.


5. Tiredness:

A hormone named Erythropoietin is secreted by the kidneys and they produce red blood cells that supply oxygen to the body. Hence, in case a kidney's functional capacity is lowered, the procedure to produce the red blood cells also gets hit and as a result, health problems like fatigue and damage to the brain and muscle come up. Even a severe case of anaemia is not uncommon.


6. Skin Rashes:

The accumulation of waste in the body, as a result of dysfunctional kidney, can lead to skin problems like rashes. Applying external medicines can bring only a temporary relief, but the root cause is much deeper.


7. Pain:

Pain in the upper back region where the kidneys are located is also a common sign of a kidney ailment. The pain may also come with stone formation in the kidneys along with infections.


8. Short Breaths:

Just because a disrupted functioning of the kidney hampers the production of red blood cells, it causes breathing problems because of a reduced level of oxygen. The accumulation of toxins in the lungs also aggravates the problem further.


9. Struggle To concentrate On Work, Weak Memory:

The reduced level of oxygen supply can severely affect the brain and the patients can suffer from symptoms like poor concentration, headache and difficulty in remembering things.


10. Cold Feeling:

If you are feeling really cold even when the weather is not, it could also be a time to see a kidney specialist. The feeling of cold comes because of an anaemic tendency which, as mentioned earlier, can be caused by kidney-related problems.

If your kidneys are in danger, then your entire health is at risk, since the bean-shaped organs act as a major security guard for your body system. Failure of kidneys can even be fatal. So, if you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, go for the treatment right away.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 22, 2016, 15:30 [IST]
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