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7 Things You Follow Every Day That Can Ruin Your Health

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Imagine a world which is completely devoid of diseases, it is an incredibly good thought, isn't it?

Well, unfortunately, as humans, we are all prone to ailments that can affect us at any given point in our lives. It is nearly impossible to escape from diseases.

Surely, most of us would have suffered from one ailment or the other in our lifetimes. However minor they may be, diseases always cause a certain amount of discomfort and pain.

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Taking leaves from work, cancelling out on fun plans with friends, being confined to your bed for days together, experiencing the troublesome symptoms of diseases, etc, all this can just make you feel extremely disappointed.

There are innumerable reasons for the occurrence of diseases. They can range from heredity, hormonal imbalance, abnormal organ functions, etc, to injuries, viral attacks, unhealthy lifestyles and so on.

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While it is a fact that there is no escaping from the onset of diseases, it is also true that we can take some precautionary steps to try and reduce their occurrence.

Did you know that certain things that you do/follow on a daily basis may be harming your health? Read on to find out what they are.


1. Consuming Fast Food On A Daily Basis

Some of us who don't like to cook tend to completely rely upon junk food or fast food for all of our meals. Fast food is packed with saturated fatty acids that can lead to coronary disorders.


2. Gulping On The Aerated Drinks Often

Some of us tend to substitute water with aerated drinks/soft drinks, which we couple with our meals. Soft drinks are high on sugar and calories that can lead to various disorders like obesity, diabetes, etc.


3. Excessive Cell Phone Use

Research studies have found out that excessive use of cell phones is linked to conditions like anxiety and depression. Also, the radiations from the phones is known to affect the brain and heart.


4. Taking In Painkillers For Almost Anything

While it is not too bad to consume one or two painkillers once in a while, when you are sick, it is definitely harmful if painkillers are consumed on a daily basis. People develop a dependency on painkillers, which can lead to organ damage, addiction, withdrawal symptoms, etc.


5. Sitting For Too Long

This happens especially with people who have desk jobs. Sitting in the same position for hours together can weaken your muscles and bones and cause ailments like joint pain and arthritis at a later stage in life.


6. Not Getting Enough Sunlight

While it is true that prolonged exposure to sunlight can have harmful effects on our health, it is also not advisable to avoid sunlight completely. Doing that can cause vitamin D deficiency in people.


7. Ignoring The Urge To Pee

Sometimes, we may get so caught up in our work that we may tend to ignore the nature's calls and not urinate when needed. Holding in urine for long hours can cause urinary tract infections or may even damage our kidneys.

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