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7 Strange Reasons For Stomach Bloating!

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Do you often feel a sensation of bloating in your abdominal region? Does that make you extremely uncomfortable and even cause tummy ache?

Well, stomach bloating is an undesirable symptom, which can be caused by various reasons.

Stomach bloating can be best described as a condition when a person's abdominal region feels full and tight, with an uneasy sensation, often coupled by stomach pain and acidity.

When a person is experiencing stomach bloating, his/her stomach may appear swollen and may feel very hard on the outside.

The most common causes for abdominal bloating are constipation, acidity or heartburn, weight gain, unhealthy eating habits, stomach upset, etc.

When the acid levels in your stomach increase, due to any of the above mentioned reasons, it leads to the production of excess gas in the abdomen, causing bloating.

Abdominal bloating can make a person feel uneasy and also lead to symptoms like nausea, stomach pain, fatigue, etc.

So, if you are constantly experiencing abdominal bloating, then it is best if you consult a professional to treat the condition better.

Here are some of the strange reasons that may cause stomach bloating, have a look.


1. Distracted Eating Habit

If you go through your phone or watch TV while eating, you may be prone to abdominal bloating, as we may tend to ingest the food faster and swallow a lot of air in the process.


2. Depression

Yes, depression is also known to cause abdominal bloating, according to a research, as depression leads to certain hormonal changes in the brain, which may in turn trigger acidity.


3. Skipping Meals

When you skip meals or have a lot of gap between two meals, then you are more prone to gastritis, which is again a cause for abdominal bloating.


4. Antibiotics

Research studies have claimed that taking certain kinds of antibiotic medicines, especially the strong ones, can also lead to stomach bloating.


5. Desk-Bound Jobs

Spending more than 7 hours in a sedentary job can decrease the blood flow through the body and lead to the accumulation of gas in the stomach, causing bloating.


6. Hormonal Disorders

If you are suffering from certain hormonal disorders like PCOD, thyroid, etc, you may be more prone to abdominal bloating, as stomach upsets are commonly associated with these disorders.


7. Bacteria

When the healthy bacteria that is required for good digestion increases in the colon, it may lead to gas and abdominal bloating.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 14, 2016, 15:30 [IST]
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