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7 Myths About Allergy That You Should Know

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If you are someone who has been living with an allergy, you will know how annoying and tiresome it can be to deal with the symptoms!

Like most other disorders, allergy comes with a set of symptoms that, in severe cases, can take over a person's life and can make him/her suffer from an irritation, pain, etc. In some cases, allergic reactions can also be fatal!

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Allergy is nothing but a condition in which the human immune system reacts negatively to certain substances or "foreign bodies" that enter the human system.

Allergies are unique to individuals; and different people are allergic to different substances.

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For example, peanuts maybe your favourite nuts, but to your friend, peanuts may have fatal consequences, thanks to his/her allergic reactions.

Some of the most common types of allergies are drug allergy, food allergy, pollen allergy, animal allergy, seasonal allergy, mold allergy, latex allergy, etc.


1. “It Is All In The Head”

Many people think that allergy is psychosomatic and that the symptoms are mostly imaginary. But, allergies are a real thing and can also be fatal in extreme cases! Although stress is definitely known to trigger allergies, their symptoms are definitely physiological.


2. “Allergy Goes Away With Age”

A lot of people believe that allergies seen in children would get better or completely heal with time. But, that is not true in most cases and medical intervention is highly crucial to help kids cope with certain allergies.


3. “Allergies Are Not Fatal”

Many people believe that allergies are nothing more than rashes and itches. But, in rare cases, allergy can trigger a symptom called an anaphylactic shock, which can cause low blood pressure and constricted airways, thereby leading to death.


4. “Pet's Fur Is The Cause For Animal Allergy”

Most people believe that their pet's fur or the hair they shed is the main reason of an animal allergy, but pet's also shed another substance called 'dander' which is part of their skin. Dander can also cause severe allergic reactions in some people.


5. “Lactose Intolerance Is An Allergy”

Most people believe that lactose intolerance, a condition in which people have digestion problems when they consume milk and milk products, is also an allergy. However, lactose intolerance is caused by the absence of the enzyme lactase in the body.


6. “Organic Foods Don't Cause Allergy”

Some of us believe that only processed foods with artificial flavourings can cause allergies. But, contrary to that belief, a research has showed that natural or organic foods, such as peanuts, fish, seafood, soybeans and many more, can be the cause of 90% of the allergic reactions.


7. “You Can't Exercise If You Have Allergies”

Some people are under the impression that if they have respiratory allergies like dry cough, asthma, etc, they cannot exercise because they feel that exercise can make the symptoms worse. However, experts say that a mild form of an exercise done on a daily basis will do you good!

Most types of allergies are treatable and doctors usually prescribe oral medications, like antihistamines, steroids and so on, to help manage the symptoms.

Like with any other disease, allergy is revolved around by various myths that may or may not be true. Read about some of them, here!

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