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7 Daily Habits That Can Increase Your Blood Sugar Level!

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Diabetes - the very word can make us feel tensed with worry and anxiety, as we all know how this disease can affect an individual.

Most of us would know someone who has been affected by this disease or we ourselves may be the victims of diabetes.

So, we definitely understand the serious consequences of this disorder; and hence, the prospect of developing diabetes at some point in our lives can bring us great fear.

Although diabetes may be a genetic disorder, which can be caused by heredity, it can also be caused by leading an unhealthy lifestyle that is devoid of a healthy diet and an exercise regimen.

Diabetes, as we all know, is a disorder caused by a high amount of sugar or glucose in the bloodstream.

Diabetes is a disorder which has no cure, but its symptoms can definitely be controlled by making appropriate lifestyle changes.

Now, there are certain habits that we follow on a daily basis and certain foods that we ingest, which may be leading to the increase in our blood sugar levels that is not healthy.

So, if you want to prevent your blood sugar levels from rising, then have a look at these habits mentioned below and try to avoid them.


1. Drinking Too Much Coffee

Even if you consume coffee without sugar, the caffeine present in the coffee can lead to the increase in your blood sugar levels, is what researchers opine.


2. Consuming High-calorie Food

Pizza, fries, burgers, chocolates and a whole lot more are some of the foods that are high in calories and can increase your blood sugar levels, even though they are not necessarily sweets.


3. Taking Certain Antibiotics

Certain types of antibiotics and decongestant medicines, given especially for flu and sinus, are known to cause a significant increase in your blood sugar levels.


4. Stress

Work stress, depression, too much of pressure related to family, etc, can lead to fluctuations in the hormones, leading to the increase of the blood sugar levels in the body.


5. Drinking Energy Drinks

Energy or sports drinks and even soft drinks can lead to the increase in the blood sugar levels, as they are high in calories, sugar and also caffeine.


6. Consuming Dry Fruits

While dry fruits are a healthy snacking option, consuming an excessive amount of dry fruits in a day can lead to the rise in the blood sugar levels.


7. Taking Birth Control Pills

If birth control pills contain oestrogen in them, then they can trigger certain hormonal imbalances in the body, leading to the increase of blood sugar levels.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 30, 2016, 12:04 [IST]
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