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Salamba Sirsasana (Supported Headstand) For Toning Abdominal Organs

A flat toned abdomen is what everyone wishes to have. However, the sedentary lifestyle and unorganized food habits which have been on the rise over the past few years are the chief contributers to the excess fat deposits which make your abdomen bloated.

You might have tried several medications and exercises to get rid of that fat around your abdomen, but failed to get the desired result. So what are you waiting for now? Quickly resort to yoga and get a toned abdomen.

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Here is this one yoga asana Salamba Sirsasana also known as Supported Headstand, which helps in toning the abdominal organs.

The word Salamba Sirsasana comes from the Sanskrit words, 'Salamba' which means with support, 'Sirsa' which means head and 'Asana' which means pose.

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We can see that in this asana the body is completely in the inverted position and held upright with the support of forearms. Beginners should be cautious while performing this asana as it requires a lot of balance. However with continuous practice it becomes easier.

Have a look at the step-wise procedure to perform Salamba Sirsasana.

Step-by-step Procedure To Perform Salamba Sirsasana:

1. As you strand straight, slowly come down in the kneeling position.

2. Place a soft material on the floor to support your head.

3. Keep your forearms on the floor and slowly cross your fingers.

4. Move your upper arms outward and place your wrists on the floor.

5. The head should be placed on the soft material and it should be placed in your clasped hands.

6. Slowly lift your knees through the thighs.

7. The shoulder blades should be pushed against your back.

8. Take a deep breath and lift up both your feet together.

9. With your tailbone firm, move the legs up so that it is perpendicular to the floor.

10. Your body weight should be balanced against both your forearms.

11. Hold on to the pose for a few seconds. Then slowly come out of the pose.

Other Benefits Of Salamba Sirsasana:

Helps to stimulate the nervous system.

Helps to strengthen the neck, arms and spine.

Helps in aiding proper blood flow.

Helps in relieving headache and anxiety.

Helps to calm the mind.

Helps in improving digestion.

Helps to stimulate breathing.


People suffering from back injury, headache, heart condition, high blood pressure or a neck injury should avoid practising Salamba Sirsasana. They should only practise it under the supervision of a yoga instructor.

Story first published: Friday, July 29, 2016, 16:42 [IST]