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Remedies For Swollen Lymph Nodes

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The function of the lymph nodes is to filter the lymphatic fluid through the lymphatic system. It stops the bacteria from getting into the other parts of the body.

These nodes actually serve as storage areas for white blood cells. Even though lymph nodes are scattered all throughout the body, only a few can be located easily.

The swelling of the lymph nodes are perfectly normal. Lymph nodes usually get swollen when the lymphatic system springs into an action saving the body cells from further harm.

Some of the common reasons for lymph node swelling include cold, flu, ear infection, sore throat, infected tooth, ear infection, etc.

Swollen lymph nodes can be treated at home easily. There are a whole lot of remedies to treat this problem. Following these remedies can ease the lymph nodes and subside the pain.

Therefore, in this article, we at Boldsky will be listing out some of the easy home remedies to treat swollen lymph nodes. Read on to know more about it.

Remedies For Swollen Lymph Nodes

Garlic: Garlic tops the list of remedies that can be used to treat lymph nodes. Garlic possesses amazing antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial in soothing the swollen lymph nodes.

Remedies For Swollen Lymph Nodes

Gentle Massage: Gently massage the swollen lymph nodes using circular motions by slightly pressing the affected area. This stimulates the lymph nodes and thereby reduces the swelling.

Honey: Gently massage some honey over the affected area. This reduces the inflammation due to the anti-inflammatory property of the honey. It can also be consumed directly with some lemon juice to soothe the pain in the lymph nodes.

Remedies For Swollen Lymph Nodes

Milk And Turmeric: Milk and turmeric is the best combination that can ease inflammation. The anti-inflammatory property of this herb can do wonders. Mix turmeric with some warm milk and consume it to ease the pain.

Warm Compress: Give warm compress to the affected lymph node area. The heat will help to reduce the inflammation and pain associated with the swelling. It improves blood circulation in the affected region too.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 12, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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