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Reasons You Should Not Ignore Allergies

By Sneha A

Allergy or allergic diseases affect a person when the immune system of that person reacts to certain things in the surroundings. These reations may not be harmful to the other people present around the person.

Such substances are called allergens and can be things like pollen, certain foods, moulds, house dust mites, pets, insects, and even some medicines.

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Depending on the type of allergen and the body part it enters, people may suffer from different symptoms.

The intensity of most of the allergic reactions is mild to moderate without causing any major problems; however, some can be life threatening and thus treating allergic symptoms becomes very important.

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No matter how small your allergy symptoms may seem, you need to have a plan to take care of your allergies. Thus, you should make sure to do something about it.

Not treating your allergic symptoms can lead to graver medical conditions. Following are the reasons why one should never ignore even the simplest of allergies.


1. Minor Allergies Can Lead To Major Reactionc:

Even a minor allergy can turn into a major reaction, if the exposure to allergens continues.

In most of the conditions, reaction does not turn life threatening simply at the first contact. In fact, initially, it tells you that a particular substance is harmful for the body and it is only after the later exposures that the intensity grows to a greater extent.


2. It Can Cause Collapse Of Your Immune System:

An allergic reaction that you choose to ignore with time will result in collapse of your immune system and result in mucus to be produced in the body, further causing digestive disorders and other issues as well.


3. Food Allergies Can Cause Inflammation:

Food allergies in the long term can cause a lot of inflammation and lead you to suffer from diseases like diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, cancer, autoimmune disease, and even neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.


4. Persistent Cold And Cough Weaken Immune System:

Common cold, sore throat and coughing are some very common problems, but they can also be due to allergy, indicative of extremely sensitive immune system.


5. Nasal Allergies Can Progress To Sinus Allergies:

Such nasal allergies can progress to a sinus allergy and further to a bronchial allergy at a very fast pace, further causing other problems.

You may suffer from resultant infections of the sinuses and ears as well. A blockage in the nasal tract will result in sinus and an ear blockage. In fact, it can also lead to some people even getting lung infections like asthma and even pneumonia.


6. Entire Body May Suffer:

These allergic symptoms may even be causing you restless nights and, hence, definitely should not be ignored because if you are unable to take a good night's sleep, it may simply cause your entire body to suffer.

This can affect your day-to-day life, as you may not be able to perform well in office, concentrate while driving or actively participate in other activities.


7. You May Suffer From A Major Discomfort:

Most of the allergic reactions are not so dangerous, yet people do suffer from a lot of discomfort like irritation, itching, redness etc. However, few people may have to face an extreme version of allergic reaction called Anaphylaxis


8. Finally, This May Result In Anaphylaxis:

Anaphylaxis is a very serious medical situation that needs instantaneous life-saving medications. Some of the most common allergens that can lead to this condition are shellfish, peanuts and certain drugs or even insect stings.

These allergens should just be avoided under any circumstances, and you should also consult your doctor for a Anaphylaxis Management Plan.

Story first published: Sunday, May 1, 2016, 10:00 [IST]
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