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What Causes Knee Pain?

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Aching knees could be either due to the bones or muscles in that area. If you are an athlete or a sports person, it is quite common to experience aching knees.

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Sore knees could be due to tears and sprains in the sensitive tissues. If you are unable to bend your knees, if your knees are swollen, if you see redness of skin over the knees then it is high time you visit a doctor.

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Here are some common causes of knee pain. It is recommended to get your knee tested if the pain persists.



When fluids accumulate in the knees, it could cause pain, swelling and tenderness. If the redness and pain persists, meet a doctor.



When you exert lot of pressure on your leg tissues, a sprain might occur. It could cause pain and may recover within a few days if its a minor sprain. Apply ice pack and take enough rest.


Anterior Knee Pain

Weak muscles, injuries or over exertion could also cause knee pain. You may experience pain when trying to sit or climbing stars. An ice cube may help.



Infections could also cause pain, swelling and burning sensation in the knees. You might need doctor's attention and antibiotics. Also, it could be septic arthritis; a doctor can confirm the same after testing.



Even osteoarthritis could cause pain in the knees. Obesity could also increase stress on the knees. You might need to go to a doctor if that is the case.


Torn Ligament

Your joints and bones are connected by ligaments. Your bones and muscles are joined by tendons. When you are into sports or activities which cause stress on them, they might tear and may cause pain. You might need to visit a doctor in this case as surgery is required if the damage is a major one.



Your knee comes with a cartilage pair known as meniscus. Its role is to act like a cushion amidst bone and your kneecap. When that cartilage tears, it causes pain and swelling. Your doctor might prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and ice pack.


Kneecap Pain

While bending your knee, if you hear a cracking sound then it could be due to dislocation of your knee cap. Swelling could occur along with pain. Avoid running if that occurs and visit a doctor.

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