Quick Tips To Drive Away Fatigue & Gain Energy While At Office

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Long working hours and sitting in front of your computer might be killing you, making you fatigued and restless. At the end of the day or towards the second half you feel totally drained. If this has been your regular problem, then here are these quick tips to drive away fatigue and gain energy while at office.

A slight stress at work could be normal but when the work stress gets too much it not just makes you restless, affects the productivity at work place but it also goes on to affect one's physical health too.

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It might affect one's sleep and if not taken care of on time it might lead to insomnia and depression as well. Hence, getting the problem addressed at the correct time is necessary to keep one hale and hearty.

Well, if one is looking out to get rid of this condition, then by following very simple tips and exercises one could overcome this problem. One need not worry; all these simple tips can be performed sitting right at your desk.

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Here is a list of the quick and simple tips that could be followed to drive away fatigue and gain energy while at work. Take a look.


1. Taking Deep Breaths In Between:

If you feel that you are too tired and restless in between your work then try taking deep breaths for a few seconds to a minute. This helps in restoring the balance and keeps you feeling fresh.


2. Eating Well:

Eating the correct diet is highly essential for providing you with the needed energy to carry on the day's activity. You diet, especially the breakfast should comprise of all the basic nutrients.


3. Get Enough Sleep:

Like the food that you eat, having a good sound sleep is equally important for having a day full of energy and this helps you to keep fatigue away.


4. Take The Stairs:

If you need to climb the stairs to reach your office, it is good to take the stairs instead of an elevator. This helps in blood circulation and also helps in boosting your energy.


5. Talk To Your Colleague:

If you are feeling too exhausted and tired just walk to your colleague and talk to them for a while. This helps to relax the mind in between the work.


6. Drink Lots Of Water:

Drinking water in between your work not just helps you in hydrating but it also helps in providing the needed energy and keeps you feeling fresh.


7.Avoid Eating At The Desk:

Whenever you have your tiffin or lunch, avoid having it on your desk. Try going to the cafeteria, as this gives you a little break and makes your mind fresh as well.


8. Sitting In Correct Posture:

Your sitting posture at office also affects your energy level. It is important to sit erect and straight with your feet together. This will not make you restless and sleepy.


9. Take Small Breaks:

Taking small breaks for about a minute or two in between your work helps in relaxing the mind and provides you the needed energy.


10. Slight Exercises:

Slight exercises like standing up, bending a bit, stretching your arms and legs while you are seated at your desk help in relaxing your body and getting rid of fatigue.


11. Take A Short Walk:

If you feel that you are too tired, just move away from the computer as well as your cell phone and take a short walk around your office; it helps in doing away with the restlessness.


12. Listen To Music:

For a brief time listening to music helps in energizing you. In between your work if you feel too tired, just plug in your earphones and listen to music for a while.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 28, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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