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National Cleanliness Day: Why Cleanliness Is Important

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Cleanliness is a very important aspect of life. Clean environment and clean body promotes good health. So, keeping your surroundings and your body clean is your first step towards better health and better quality of living.

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In fact, a recent survey revealed that there are more number of people dying due to unclean surroundings and contaminated water than any other health disorder.

Even after many revolutions and technological innovations, if people are still dying due to dirty surroundings and contaminated water, it clearly means that cleanliness needs to be taken more seriously by all countries today.

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When it comes to taking cleanliness to a personal level, even personal hygiene is necessary. From bathing to washing your hands before and after meals, every single habit that keeps your body clean internally and externally helps you a lot in keeping you healthy and preventing may diseases.

Now, let us discuss why cleanliness is important.


To Keep Away Insects And Rodents

Even insects can spread diseases. When your surroundings are dirty and unclean, insects and rodents breed there. Rats, mosquitoes and cockroaches spread many diseases.


To Prevent Diseases

Diseases like jaundice, chicken pox, malaria, swine flu and Dengue fever can be prevented by keeping your surroundings clean. Also, wash your hands thoroughly whenever you touch any surface that has germs on it.


People Of The Opposite Sex Will Like You Only If You Are Clean

People will even hesitate to come near you if you are unclean. So, keeping yourself and your house clean will also help you enjoy a healthy romantic life.


Reduce Your Bills

When you are able to prevent many diseases, your doctor visits may reduce and this may save you some money.


To Prevent Pain

Diseases are painful. They may bring your daily life to a halt temporarily. Firstly, undergoing the pain can be avoided if you keep your body and your surroundings clean.


For Healthy Self Esteem

Only when you are clean, you can be confident and carry healthy self esteem levels.


Good For Your Skin And Hair

Unclean skin may cause several skin issues and dandruff can occur if your hair isn't clean. Personal hygiene is another aspect of cleanliness.


Social Acceptance

Clean body and clean surroundings influence your social connections too. If you are dirty and keep your house dirty, people may hesitate to come to your place.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 30, 2016, 6:03 [IST]
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