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Kidney Transplant: Do's And Dont's During Surgery & Post Surgery

By: Dr. Ajit K Huligol

Kidneys are the vital organs of human beings. The major functions of kidneys are to extract the waste material and toxic substances from the blood and then balance the body fluids and enhance the proper functioning of the body.

There are several reason which might lead to kidney failure. Inadequate intake of water, smoking, high blood pressure, obesity and in some cases even cysts and tumors might lead to kidney failure.

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When both the kidney fails, the fluid balance in the body is lost and the toxins gets accumulated in the body. If not taken care of on time this might turn fatal as well.

Once diagnosed of kidney problem, most of the patients are put on dialysis which are done about twice to thrice a week. Dialysis is a mode of treatment where the toxic substances from the blood are removed artificially using a injection.

If the kidney disease is chronic only then the patients are recommended for kidney transplant. Now getting a matching kidney donor is one huge problem.

precautions for kidney transplant patients

If there are any family member or relatives ready to donate and are matching then its good. Otherwise they need to wait for a donor, possibly through a cadaver donation.

There are certain do's and don'ts which a patient undergoing kidney transplantation and also post surgery have to keep in mind in order to prevent any relapse and rejection.

Some Do's You Need To Keep In Mind During And Post Kidney Transplant:

1. Following the transplant, the immune system will be weak, so keep yourself aloof from people having any kind of infection for few months.
2. Medicines should be taken regularly.
3. Talk to the doctor and take his advice if by chance you forget to take the immuno -suppressive medication.
4. Make sure to check the blood pressure and weight everyday.
5. Maintaining good hygiene in the room should be one top priority.
6. In case a patient feel little unwell post surgery, they should immediately inform the doctor.
7. If there is any swelling, bleeding or pain in the incision area, they should immediately get it checked with the doctor.
8. If the patient has any plans of travelling, they should inform and take advice from the doctor.

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precautions for kidney transplant patients

Some Dont's You Need To Keep In Mind During And Post Kidney Transplant:

1. Do not stop your medication.
2. Do not change the schedule of immuno-suppression.
3. Do not smoke.
4. Do not ignore the advice from your transplant doctor.
5. Do not take any other medication unless you get the signal from the transplant doctor.
6. Do not pour or splash water on the incision area. This might increase the possibility for infection.
7. Do not drive until your doctor gives you a green signal.
8. Do not indulge in any activity that causes pressure to the newly placed kidney.

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