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How To Maintain Your Health In Shravan Masa

By: Ajanta Sen

The Hindu calendar has a significance in which loads of festivals get unprecedented importance. These festivals continue throughout the year, and every Hindu shows a tremendous amount of discipline and respect while celebrating these festivals.

The worship of so many gods and goddesses has made the Hindu religion a centre of attraction among the people living in the foreign countries.

They also have a deep faith in these gods and goddesses, and that is why they even pay visits to India during these festivals.

Among all the 12 months of the year, the month of Shravan has a special significance, as this is the month that has a number of festivals that the Hindus are very serious about celebrating.

Most of these festivals are known both for their toughness and sanctity. The festivities are conducted with a great respect and grandeur. The Hindus often fast on certain days of festivities.

These fasts are difficult to bear at times, especially when the fasting becomes mandatory for nearly 5-6 days or even more throughout this month.

The situation becomes tougher at times, and that is why people need to follow certain health tips during the Shravan month.

If you also keep fasts on the festival days, then you must know how to maintain your health in the Shravan masa.

Most of the health tips for Shravan masa are aimed at bringing the best health conditions to every devotee who keeps a fast on those days. Hence, following are some of the ways of how to maintain your health during the Shravan month, have a look.


Do Not Trouble Yourself:

No religion allows the devotees to trouble themselves while worshiping the god and goddesses. If you cannot face the situations of fasting, then try to make things simpler. After all, you can pay your respect to the gods even without keeping a fast.


Take A Balanced Diet On The Festival Eve:

You must make sure to have a good and balanced diet on the eve of the festival day. You must take an adequate quantity of water as well, so that you face less troubles the next day.


Take Fruits And Water At Certain Intervals:

To fast without drinking water can be a very difficult job for the elderly people, so they should take a little quantity of water along with some pieces of fruits at certain intervals. This can keep the body hydrated from the inside, which will also keep unwanted situations at bay after the worshiping is done.


Take An Ample Amount Of Rest:

Body with a fast of 6-7 hours becomes weak to some extent. You should avoid moving frequently or running around during the fasting period. Instead, you should take rest, so that the body does not lose the balance of water too soon. In such a situation, you can face cramps in any part of your body, and that can be very painful indeed.


Do Not Eat Too Much After The Fasting Concludes:

Fasting for 6-7 hours or more creates a certain condition inside your body, and you are often ignorant about it. You must try not to eat anything big immediately after the worshipping is done. This can create troubles inside your body. You can even face gastric-related troubles. This can be heavily troublesome for your body. This can lead to indigestion, pain in the stomach and vomiting.


See A Doctor:

Never take any physical trouble after fasting lightly, as it can lead to serious consequences. Instead of avoiding the troubles, you should visit a doctor, and get the treatment without any delay.

Remember that unnecessary delays can complicate the situations and you would be left to face the consequences at a later point. So, make sure you follow the suggestions of the doctor without any hesitation at all.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 9, 2016, 4:02 [IST]
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