How To Increase Your Energy Levels During Summer

By: Niharika Choudhary
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Oh, it's summer again!
It's not that I dislike summers, but it's just that it's too hot to handle.

Hot inside and burning outside. All we want to do is to stay indoors. Just being in the sun for five minutes makes me sun-sick, and this is just the beginning of this summer season!

However, summer also brings with it the cool pleasant evenings. The serenading smells of mango fruits and marigolds in the air are all to pleasing for our senses.

The heavenly pleasure or rather I should say the guilt pleasure of gulping down a whole bottle of icy cold water straight from your refrigerator on a sweaty day is something that we all indulge in, don't you think?

You get the best of the fruits and vegetables also. And nothing can beat having an ice cream on a cool summer night.

Summers also make us get exhausted way too quickly. Did you notice that just going up a couple of steps drenches you, making you feel like almost your grandmother?

The heat slows you down, dropping your energy levels to a new low.

So, it is elementary that we take up essential measures to combat the heat and keep our energy levels soaring high.

So, we are here sharing some of the tips that can help you stay energetic the whole day even during the summer months.


Exercise But Don't Drain Yourself

Sweating out in the gym for longer hours will drain your energy eventually and make you feel exhausted by the end of the day.

You could go for brisk walks or jogging and do light exercises instead.


Go For A Morning Swim

If you like to swim, go swimming in the morning hours.

This helps you to bring down your body temperature and also keeps your energy level intact for the whole day.

Going for an evening swim willcan help you rejuvenate from the day's stress.


Smell Citrus As The First Thing After You Wake Up

According to researches, the odour molecules in the citrus fruits can reach and stimulate your brain.

So, make sure to take a deep breath of some citrus essential oils or simply have a bowl full of fresh citrus fruits.

Or the best, squeeze half a lemon or add some orange peels in your bathing water to feel fresh for a longer duration.


Eat Light, Eat Right

It's been said time and again, eat right during summers. Keep your food simple and light.

Avoid greasy, oily food, go for healthier options of making food like baking, steaming or simply include more of raw fresh fruits and vegetables.

Include capsaicin in your diet.

It is a heat compound in found in chili peppers that stimulates sweat production in your body.

So, as you sweat, you increase evaporative heat loss, which as a result helps you to feel cooler.


Wear Right Clothes

Fabrics like cotton and linen keep your body cool and comfortable and give your body an easy ventilation.

Wearing weather-appropriate clothes lets your body to breathe freely and makes it a lot easier to keep yourself comfortable.


Take Breaks And Stretch In Between

Whether working inside or outside, take a break from your work and stretch your muscles a bit.

Doing this will boost up the oxygen flow in your body, refreshing your brain.


Drink To Your Heart's Content

This doesn't mean you gobble down gallons of unhealthy aerated drinks or cups of sugary tea and coffee or alcoholic fluids.

Please reach out to non-alcoholic and natural drinks to restore your refreshment.

Pick up drinks such as coconut water, nimbu pani, buttermilk, fresh juices and similar kinds of natural drinks.

Remember to drink more water than your regular water intake to stay energetic the whole day.

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