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Olive Oil+Lemon Juice= Clears Toxins!

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Sometimes, you tend to wake up with energy but there are times you wake up tired. In such cases, you may need to flush out the toxins. You can use a mixture of lemon and olive oil.

You will feel energetic and can also reduce bad cholesterol levels in your body. Also, lemon provides some vitamin C to your body.

Use extra virgin olive oil as it comes with more nutrients. Every morning, after you wake up, consume a mixture of a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. And here are some of the health benefits of this mixture.


Benefit #1

This mixture is also good for joint pain as it contains anti-inflammatory agents in it.


Benefit #2

This mixture is a good remedy for digestive issues like constipation. It stimulates your gall bladder and liver.


Benefit #3

This mixture makes you feel light and energetic when consume regularly in the morning.


Benefit #4

Olive oil has the potential to reduce bad cholesterol levels. Also, this mixture can protect your heart.


Benefit #5

As lemons contain vitamin C which boost the immune system, you body will be able to fight infections.


Benefit #6

This mixture contains antioxidants. It can also enhance your body's capacity of eliminating wastes efficiently.


Benefit #7

Certain studies claim that drinking this mixture every morning can prevent the formation of gall stones. It can also detoxify liver and kidneys.

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