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How Swimming Benefits The Brain

We all know how exercise affects our bodies in various ways. Also, we know about the health benefits that any exercise provides. But yes, some exercises also offer some benefits to the brain. For example, swimming enhances the blood circulation to the brain.

A new study claims that blood circulation is better in people who are inside water compared to those on land. This was a study that was conducted to look at the cardiovascular benefits of several activities.
This study claims that when the body is immersed in water till the chest area, the blood circulation gets enhanced to various parts like brain too.

Researchers who were studying the link between water immersion and brain activity worked along with a set of 10 people. The test subjects were first made to stand in a water tank which was emptied.

After their heart rates and other data were gathered, water was pumped inside the tank until the levels reached the chests of the subjects. Their data was once again collected and sent or analysis.

In fact, swimming can also release endorphins. It can also boost hippocampal neurogenesis. So, it promotes the growth and development of new cells in the brain.

Also, as there will be more blood supply to the brain through swimming, it could mean more nutrients and oxygen will be supplied to the brain.

Also, as swimming involves stretching, moving and breathing, it can also be a good activity that beats stress and boosts health in various ways.

So, if you are interested to keep your brain sharp and body active, swimming can be a good workout that promotes both apart from cardiovascular health too.

Story first published: Saturday, July 16, 2016, 13:05 [IST]