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How Environment Affects Our Health

By: Ajanta Sen

Right from the beginning of life on this Earth, man has been living in direct connection with the environment. It is quite easy to say that human life has been directly related to the environment and nature around.

Changing phases of the environment on this planet has brought about some great changes in the lifestyle of human beings.

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To be more realistic, you can easily find that the environment leaves very significant effects on the human life, especially on the health of the human beings.

Since humans are directly exposed to the environment and its effects, the impact can be seen and experienced quite easily as well. There can be many ways our environment affects our health.

While discussing how our environment affects our health, you would need to concentrate on the inseparable ingredients of the environment that we term as natural resources.

How our environment affects our health

They are water, air and soil. These three natural resources have undergone massive degradation in the last 50 years, and, therefore, the impact on the human health is quite worrisome.

As a matter of fact, these resources have been severely damaged by various types of pollutants; and as a result of which, they have turned highly harmful to the human health.

In some specific areas of this globe, human beings need machines to breathe in, as their own respiratory organ is incapable of drawing oxygen from the atmosphere.

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If you are serious about finding how our environment affects our health, then you would need to consider certain things very seriously.

Following are some of the things that tell us the ways in which our environment is affecting our health, have a look:

How our environment affects our health

Increasing Contamination Of Air:
The increasing number of vehicles of all types and industrial plants is throwing a severe challenge to the human survival on this planet of ours. The air is getting mixed up with lead and various types of harmful gasses that are highly poisonous for the human health.

The Governments of all the countries have declared war against the pollution of air, but awareness towards better living among the common men is more important than government policies and their implementation.

How our environment affects our health

Water Pollution:

Among all types of environmental threats, this is probably the most dangerous one that is increasing at an alarming rate. This is one of the most important ways our environment is affecting our health.

As per the study reports, humans are likely to suffer from an acute shortage of drinking water in the coming future. Isn’t it alarming? Can you imagine the condition?

How our environment affects our health

It is an acute breathing trouble that often results in death among the elderly people. As per the medical reports collected from various sources from all around the globe, the number of patients suffering from asthma is increasing very fast as the days are passing by.

Effects of Lead:

Smoke, mainly from the automotive vehicles, contains a high quantity of lead that is extremely dangerous for the proper development of the children. The effects of lead often restrict the growth of brain among the children.

As a result of that, their IQ level remains undeveloped. It also increases the chances of improper behavioural problems among them. To find out if the child is suffering from lead poisoning, you need to conduct blood tests at regular intervals.

How our environment affects our health

Infection Caused By Radon:

Radon is a colourless and odourless gas that poses severe threats against life as well. It becomes more dangerous when it is found inside the homes. It causes lung cancer, which is fatal indeed. To find out the existence of radon infection inside the homes, you would need to conduct an air test at regular intervals.

These are a few of the ways of how our environment is affecting our health. However, there can be many more. As a matter of fact, the increasing threats against the environment are giving rise to new threats. Hence, you would need to keep your eyes and ears open to counter these threats effectively.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 12, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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