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How Bad Lifestyle Is Causing Diabetes In Youngsters

By: Dr U Venkata Krishna Rao

There has been a continuous increase in the cases of diabetic patients all around the world. What has been alarming in this rise is that a number of diabetic patients have been found to be young adults.

From a very long time, diabetes was thought to be a disease of the older people with very few cases of children or youngsters suffering from it; however, currently, this number seems to have increased.

This has led the doctors and researchers to figure out the reason that has caused this shift.

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A number of studies conducted have shown a connection between unhealthy lifestyle changes and the rise of early diabetes in youngsters.

Today, diabetes is a very common problem. I am quite sure that all of us know at least one person who is suffering from this malady.

what causes diabetes

It has become so general among people that we often fail to acknowledge what it actually is; a life-threatening health condition.

Earlier, young people and children were usually diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but the rise of type 2 diabetes among youngsters has started to catch some negative attention.

Children today tend to pick up extremely bad lifestyle habits at a very early age and these later turn to become reasons for early diabetes in youngsters, here is how it happens, have a look.

1.What Does The Term Diabetes Mean: Diabetes is basically a metabolic disorder. The human body with the help of the hormone insulin breaks down the carbohydrates, starch, etc, into glucose and releases it into the bloodstream. When the body does not produce an adequate amount of glucose, then the health condition is termed as diabetes.

2.What Causes Diabetes: The real cause behind diabetes is not very well understood; however, studies have shown that when certain genetic characteristics are combined with environmental and lifestyle factors, diabetes is triggered.

3.What Causes Diabetes In Youngsters: Lifestyle factors like physical inactivity, obesity, stress, diet pattern, etc, play a crucial role in the development of diabetes in youngsters. Studies have shown that those who remain at least moderately active and maintain a healthy diet that is rich in fibre content are a lot less prone to suffer from diabetes than those who do.

what causes diabetes

4.How Today's Lifestyle Affects Youngsters: It has been noticed that youngsters today pick up the bad habit of smoking as well as alcohol at an early age. This too becomes a major cause in triggering the condition of diabetes by disturbing the hormonal balance of the body.

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5.Obesity, Also A Major Cause: One of the biggest reasons of diabetes in youngsters is obesity. The younger generation today is totally hooked on to eating junk food, sodas and so on. This impacts their system, as they incorporate too much of carbohydrates and sugar in their diet. This takes a toll on the insulin levels and blood sugar, leading to diabetes. This can be controlled with dietary changes of increasing the intake of unsaturated fats and decreasing the consumption of saturated fats and trans-fatty acids.

6.Can Inadequate Sleep Cause Diabetes: One other thing that plays a major role in the development of diabetes in the human body is the disturbance in the needed sleeping pattern. Studies have found that those youngsters who follow inadequate sleeping pattern are more prone to be suffering from type-2 diabetes.

7.Does Physical Inactivity Lead To Diabetes: Physical inactivity is also a cause of increasing diabetes in youngsters. This when combined with unhealthy eating habits leads to obesity that again may lead to diabetes to be got at a very early age in youngsters.

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Story first published: Sunday, July 24, 2016, 16:00 [IST]
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