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How Are Cavities Formed?

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According to a lot of people, who have suffered from toothache, there is no pain higher than a toothache. The pain brought about by a toothache, when you end up wrecking your teeth, is so immense that it hinders people to conduct their regular activities. This happens when cavities are formed and there are a number of causes for dental cavities.

Despite the fact that toothaches can also be due to gum issues, the development of a wisdom tooth and an infected dental pulp, the most typical cause for toothache is cavity.

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how are cavities formed

Practically almost everyone experiences dental cavities. Dental cavity is extremely common in approximately ninety percent of people. Even though not all dental cavities cause pain, like the little ones, unattended cavities generally become bigger and finally cause pain.

Dental cavities develop in the outer two layers of the tooth. These two layers are very significant because these protect the interior tooth tissue and the pulp, where the nerves and the blood vessels are located.

how are cavities formed

So, when the cavity permeates these levels, the pulp becomes irritated by bacterial toxins. When this happens, pain will certainly creep in, especially if food gathers in the cavity. This way, dental cavities are formed.

how are cavities formed

There are a number of factors that lead to dental cavity including food habits, dry mouth and low quality of dental hygiene. Without the adequate nutrients, the body becomes deficient of the nutrients which are necessary in the formation of bones and tooth and in the prevention of specific disorders.

Therefore, lack of nutrients and malnutrition contribute to the development of cavity in the tooth. On the other hand, dry mouth also causes dental cavity due to the insufficiency of saliva in the mouth, which is required for cleaning the mouth and processing the food. Saliva is essential in managing the fungi and bacteria in the mouth.

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how are cavities formed

A person's dental hygiene certainly contributes to the state of his teeth. Improper brushing of the tooth causes tooth decay. Individuals who often eat desserts and smoke are at high risk of developing dental cavities.

Hence to prevent dental cavities, maintain proper dental cleanliness, eat the right kinds of food that keep the teeth healthy and visit a dentist regularly in order to treat any symptoms like dry mouth, etc.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 23, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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