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12 Household Products That Can Kill You!

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Do you know the fact that some of the household products that we daily use can harm us? Some of those chemicals can even kill us!

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When you regularly use them, the risk of sniffing them, touching them or even spilling them on skin could increase. And when that happens, severe reactions could occur.

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Some of them are cancer-causing agents, whereas others could burn the skin or irritate the eyes. Some can damage the liver, kidneys and lungs. Are you wondering what they are? Read on...


Air Freshener

Most of the air fresheners contain Formaldehyde. it is a cancer causing chemical. It can irritate your skin, lungs and eyes. Even inhaling it could cause health issues.


Anti-bacterial Cleaner

Some cleaners which are anti-bacterial come with triclosan which can damage your liver when it gets absorbed by your skin. Also, such cleaners could make the bacteria in humans resistant!


Bleaching Powder

Bleaching powder can damage your respiratory system if you breathe in and it can also irritate skin. When combined with other cleaners, it causes toxic fumes too.


Carpet Cleaners

Ammonium hydroxide present in carpet cleaners could irritate eyes, skin and lungs too. Other ingredients in carpet cleaners are dangerous for liver and kidneys.


Car Cleaners

Whether it is your car cleaner or polish, it can harm your lungs. Such products do harm your eyes and skin too.


Dish-Washing Chemicals

Most of the dish washing soaps contain chlorine which isn't a safe substance when children are around.


Drain Cleaners

Some drain-washing products come with hydro-chloric acid and sulfuric acid. They can burn skin and can cause death in some case.


Wood Polish

Some polishing products which are used on furniture contain phenol and nitro-benzene which are inflammable.



Some chemicals and perfumes which come with your detergent powder may cause nausea.


Mold Cleaning Agents

They contain Formaldehyde which is a cancer-causing agent.


Naphthalene Balls

Even naphthalene balls can cause headaches in some people and breathing issues in some.


Rat Poison

Rat poison can cause severe bleeding inside the human body if you accidentally eat it.

Story first published: Friday, September 9, 2016, 6:15 [IST]
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