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Himalayan Salt & It's Many Health Benefits


Salt is the basic ingredient you need to add in any meal while preparing it. It is salt that enhances the taste of the food, and it is salt that gives a whole new taste.

If you've been advised not to add salt to your food, it is safe to say that a little bit of Himalayan salt will do you good.

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You must be wondering what is Himalayan salt, isn't it?

The pink salt which you see on the shelf in every supermarket is considered to be one of the best salts to use, as it has a number of health benefits.

This pink salt helps to regulate blood pressure, it improves digestion and, guess what, consumption of this salt also aids in reducing sinus.

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So, how is the Himalayan salt made or formed?

As the plates of the earth moved and over the years, when they pushed the Himalayas toward the heavens, the sea evaporated, leaving behind minerals crystallised under the heat of the sun. These crystals which formed are now known as the Himalayan pink salt.

When compared to the bleached salt, the Himalayan pink salt has more benefits that one can even imagine. So, here are 8 reasons why you should sprinkle this salt into your food, take a look:


Improves Digestion:

Trading the bleached salt with this pink salt will aid in a better digestion. Most importantly, it will aid in decreasing the speed of digestion, which is beneficial for those who want to shed a few pounds, since it will leave you feeling full most of the time, instead of feeling hungry.


It Is The Best Detox Ingredient:

Himalayan pink salt also works as a powerful detoxifier. When dissolved in water, this salt becomes an ionic solution that helps to throw the toxins out of the skin. Therefore, using this amazing natural salt will only aid in benefiting better health.


Lowers Blood Pressure:

It is always noted that salt rises the blood pressure level in the body, which is why many of them refrain from using salt if they're suffering from high BP. But, remember, there is always a difference between natural and bleached salt. Therefore, the Himalayan salt will not increase the sodium level in the body, causing high BP.


Relaxes & Boosts The Body:

Feeling foggy and tired? Well, if yes, then it is only because your body is lacking the electrolytes and salt that are required. To bring up the level of energy, suck on a few pieces of this natural pink salt to make you feel energetic and well.


Gets Rid Of Sinus:

Himalayan pink salt will help to kill bacteria and other contaminants that may be stuck in your nasal cavities due to breathing polluted air. Therefore, to cleanse your nasal passage and to decrease your sinus, use a Himalayan salt cleanser instead of the bleached one.


Improves Your Sleep:

If you miss your sleep, here is what you need to do to sleep well. In a small bowl, add a little pink salt and honey. Combine the two to one mixture. Place this mixture under the tongue till the salt melts. The mixture contains potassium and magnesium that aid in providing you with a better sleep.


Suffering From Acidity:

To neutralise the stomach acids and prevent acidity, all you need to do is to drink a little of this pink salt water to help get rid of the excess acidity in the stomach. It will also balance the pH value, which in turn will aid in building your immunity level.


Benefits Your Arteries:

It is said that regular use of this salt benefits in keeping your arteries healthy. It seeks to eliminate any damage to the arteries, which can cause spider veins or varicose veins.

Story first published: Wednesday, May 11, 2016, 6:00 [IST]