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12 Health Benefits Of Not Eating Salt

A week without salt can do you wonders in terms of health. There are a lot of health benefits of not eating salt and trust us when we say this - you will get to live a longer life. After a certain age, reducing or not have salt in your diet is a must.

One of the main health benefits of not eating salt is it normalizes the pressure in the body. Too much of salt increases the blood pressure which is not good post a certain age. Therefore, trying to not have salt for a week in your food is the first step to a healthier lifestyle, especially those who suffer from high bp.


On the other other, more than blood pressure there are other health benefits of not eating salt. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should not have too much or no salt in your meal today.


It Keeps Your Body Balanced

Too much or the intake of salt disrupts the body balance. Therefore, wiping off salt from your food for a week will make a major change in keeping you healthy.


Will Keep The Body Hydrated

The intake of salt in your food will only lead to dehydration. If you want to stay hydrated in summer, the best thing to do is remove this ingredient from your food.


Increase Weight Loss

The best health benefit of not eating salt is that it helps in cutting fat faster. Those who don't consume too much of salt will lose weight drastically.


More Energy

Though it may sound strange, but not consuming salt will actually help to make you feel more active and energetic. This is another health benefit of not eating salt.


Reduces Hypertension

The low intake or no intake of salt helps to keep your blood pressure intact. It also reduces the tension strain in your body.


Keeps You Away From Diseases

The other health benefit of not eating salt is that It keeps you away from major diseases like cancer. Experts state that foods which are high in salt are liked to stomach cancer, kidney disease, and other intestinal disorders.


Kills Your Taste Buds

Over a period of time salt kills your taste buds. To avoid this, increase the intake of your fruits and vegetables which is much more healthier.


Keeps You Away From Stroke

Salt is one of the main reasons which gives you a stroke. When you avoid using salt in your food your blood levels remain normal, this is turn keeps your brain active and thus avoids any chance of getting a stroke.


Keeps The Bones Healthy

When you consume too much of salt it destroys the calcium in your bones. This in turn leads to osteoporosis and that is bad for health. Therefore a salt less meal can help you to live longer. It is essential for older people to avoid this ingredient completely.



Salt can raise the risk of developing diabetes by raising blood pressure. Therefore, this gives you all the more reason to have no salt for a week.


Reduces Bloating

When you approach that time of the month do you sense a feeling of bloating right through your body. The reason - salt intake. One of the health benefits of not eating salt is it helps to not encourage bloating.


Kidney Problems

When you intake a high amount of salt it increases the pressure and in return causes too much calcium to be excreted by the kidneys which thus forms stones. Therefore a no salt diet for a week is the best.

Story first published: Monday, March 2, 2015, 17:35 [IST]
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