Herbs And Spices That Enhance Your Memory

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Enhancing one's memory with herbs does fundamentally sound bizarre. Using herbs for memory improvement has for ages been practised by a lot of nations. The Indians, Egyptians, American Indians and the Greeks have all practised the herb treatment for improving the power of the mind.

Various spicy foods aid to increase cognitive functions of the brain. Turmeric is one particular spice typically used as an ingredient in many curries. Curcumin is the precise component present in turmeric which helps in memory enhancement. It helps in reducing problems like Alzheimer's disease.

herbs to enhance memory

Another spice is ginger which contains zingerone that can help in protecting the neurons in the brain leading to memory development. When you simply smell cinnamon, it improves your intellectual function and also lifts up your mood.

Ginkgo biloba is an excellent herb that helps in the improvement of blood circulation to your brain. Another popular herb that enhances memory and safeguards against senility is gotu kola. Siberian ginseng helps the body to fight stress by encouraging a strong and balanced nervous system.

herbs to enhance memory

It is always important that you do your personal research prior to taking any of these herbs as they might at times cause an adverse reaction with certain medicines you currently take. The idea of using the herb in this context is to improve your memory without causing any harm to your health in whatever way for that matter.

Herbs can be used in aromatherapy for memory enhancement. Aromatherapy is one popular technique to get your mind extremely stimulated. Few herbs might be heated in water or used occasionally as an ingredient in a candle or often placed inside a fabric over a potpourri burner with essential oils for breathing to stimulate the brain.

herbs to enhance memory

Aromatherapy is cost effective and can be helpful in creating better mental wellness. It can help you unwind, clear the mind, enhance your memory and also help you in focusing. Basil and rosemary are two important oils extracted from herbs and utilized in aromatherapy for memory improvement.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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