Healthy Foods That Cause Your Body To Swell Up

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We live in a world where all give advices about the foods to eat and the ones to avoid for weight gain. However, you must notice for yourself which food makes you gain weight and which makes you slim and fit. Weight gain is an obvious thing that can't remain hidden for more days!

There are some foods that have earned a good reputation in the health industry and are considered as weight loss foods, but to our dismay these foods are not what we think they are. These foods silently cause your body to swell and also cause fat to accumulate around the waistline and the whole body.

These healthy foods contain toxins and allergens that cause an internal inflammation and weight gain. Most people get allergies by consuming these foods, which they are not aware of. In general, these foods disrupt the normal hormonal function, decrease the metabolic rate and cause fat accumulation.

You must avoid these foods and eat their other alternatives that do not cause weight gain. Here are some foods that cause your body to swell up.


Peanut Butter

Peanuts are good for health, but do you know that there is a type of fungus that grows in peanuts known as aflatoxins? This fungus can decrease the ability of the body to burn calories, cause allergy and inflammation, and thereby aid in weight gain.


Alternative To Peanuts

The best alternative to peanut butter is almond butter, which is rich in nutrients and amino acid L-arginine. These nutrients increase the production of the human growth hormone in the body, which pumps up metabolism and helps to build lean muscles.


Refined Vegetable Oils

Do you know that the oils in which you cook your food is responsible for 40 percent of weight gain? These refined oils cause body inflammation, as they contain many toxins. These oils also disturb your hormones and slow the metabolism process.


Alternative To Refined Oils

You can use omega-3 fatty acid-rich olive oil, coconut oil and mustard oils. These oils are not refined and do not contain toxins. These oils will not only help in weight loss, but will make your body organs more healthy and improve metabolism.


Whole Grains

Yes, whole grains can also cause weight gain, but only in people who are allergic to the gluten present in whole grains. The gluten causes internal inflammation and decreases metabolism, especially in those who are allergic to it. This causes weight gain and hormonal issues as well.


Healthy Alternative To Whole Grains

If you feel bloated and have other health issues after eating whole wheats or other whole grains then you have to stop eating them, as you are allergic to the gluten content. You can eat oats instead, which is a more healthy food.


Artificial Sugar

Zero-calorie sugar causes weight gain and diabetes contrary to the common belief of these zero-calorie poisons. We must avoid all foods made from zero-calorie sugars, as this form of sugar contains xylitol that disturbs the insulin secretion and causes diabetes, inflammation and weight gain.


Healthy Alternative To Sugar-Free

You can have honey, sugar cane, dates, etc, which contain natural sugars and do not disrupt the insulin secretion.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 14, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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