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8 Biggest Food Lies That Make Us Fat

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We all believe in some common lies told to us regarding weight loss. Sometimes, the food companies tempt us to purchase certain food substances labelling them as fat free and sugar free. However, you must know the truth behind these false claims.

Since weight loss is a thing which all of us get attracted to due to the growing obesity problem. There is a lot of promotional content that gets us into believing that it is good for us. Therefore, all the lies and myths regarding weight loss are welcomed and even practiced by many.

These lies can ruin your health and can even lead to weight gain. This article will be an eye opener for all of us, as it will disclose the lies regarding weight loss. These are the common lies that we come across on a day-to-day basis.

Do fat-free foods cause weight gain, can be a common question lingering on everyone's mind. Now, break all the misconceptions regarding weight loss by knowing the reality. Scroll down to know the common lies about weight loss.


#Lie 1: All Calories Are Equal

This is a common misconception about calories and weight loss. Saying that 100 calories of apple is equal to 100 calories of cake can be a wrong statement. The concept that all calories are the same, no matter what the food will be, is wrong. There are good and bad calories as well. Good calories, as in fruits and whole grains, promote metabolism and bad calories, as in sugar, cause unhealthy food cravings.


# Lie 2: Losing Weight Fast Leads To Reverse Weight Gain

It is a common misconception that losing weight fast leads to weight gain again. There is no fact on this, and studies show the opposite. If your weight loss regimen is healthy, losing weight fast can be good for you.


# Lie 3: Eat Less Exercise More

This is a big and common lie about weight loss. If you do this your body will go into a starvation mode. The body reacts and compensates for this by slowing the metabolism and increasing your appetite dramatically.


# Lie 4:Use Zero-Calorie Sugar Or Sugar-Free Foods For Weight Loss

Another common lie about weight loss is zero calorie sugar. Today, almost everyone is using zero-calorie sugar for weight loss. Even the diabetic patients live in a misconception that it is a better option for them. Sugar-free food contains aspartame, which increases blood sugar level and slows down metabolism, making you feel more hungry, and thus causing weight gain with many health issues.


# Lie 5: Fat-Free Products Are Good For Weight Loss

We see a lot of fat-free foods in supermarkets and are temped to buy them. However, this can be a trap by many food companies. They replace fat with sugar, which eventually makes us consume double the quantity of sugar, thus causing weight gain and diabetes. Whereas fat fills us with a satisfying feeling of fullness and controls our appetite.


# Lie 6: Obesity Runs In Families

There are only 32 genes associated with obesity in the overall population and they only account for about 9 percent of obesity cases.If you have all these 32 obesity genes in you, still you will end up putting on only a few pounds. Don't blame your genes but your wrong diet. Your genes are the last to be blamed.


# Lie 7: Consuming Fat Causes Weight Gain

We all live believing that fat causes fat build-up in our body. This is a common misconception about weight loss. Fats increase metabolism, whereas sugars slow it down. A high-fat diet results in burning of more calories and is equivalent of running for an hour.


# Lie 8: Milk Is The Perfect Food

Milk is not the perfect food for all. Most people get allergy and inflammation due to consumption of milk. It also increases the risk of diabetes, fractures, acne, bowel issues, asthma, and also leads to a fat belly.

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