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Seeing Is Believing? Not Exactly When It Comes to Food Packets

By: Shubham Ghosh

The food market has no shortage of ways to allure us to buy products. There are thousand and one kind of ways to entice the customers through labels like 'low-fat', 'multi-grain', 'vegan', 'baked', 'guten-free', etc. These foods may sound healthy, but are really not!

Actually, these food items can backfire after consumption. In several cases, they are made to lose fat or sugar content at the price of sacrificing essential nutrients and ironically, a gluten-free product can be full of unhealthy components just like the gluten-full ones.

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Plus, there are ways to bluff the buyer by promising components that are actually not there in the food. So, be very careful when picking up the packets from the store racks.

Here is a list to guide you on 15 foods that sound healthy but are not actually so.


1. Multi-grain & Wheat Breads:

Their labels promise so, but actually they might not contain whole grains that are healthy for our hearts. Several types of the so-called "multi-grain" and wheat breads are made typically with refined grains. If the ingredient list says ‘refined flour', be rest assured that this bread packet will not give the nutrients you require.


2. Sports Drinks:

They are not necessary if you are engaged in a light activity, even though they provide electrolytes. They should be taken only during intense physical training. And drinking them when you are not doing any activity will backfire, thanks to their extra-sugar content.


3. Frozen Yogurt:

Frozen yogurt, though very popular, hardly has any nutrient value like the normal ones. It is always better to have a small portion of frozen yogurt if you really feel tempted, but add fresh fruit toppings or roasted almonds, so that you get at least some nutrient and not just a useless scoop.


4. Vegetarian-baked Foods:

Vegan baked foods aren't necessarily healthy. Vegetarian cookies, breads and cakes are claimed to be healthy, but actually they can have as much sugar, fat and calories as traditional baked goods. The buyers feel assured after reading about vegan ingredients, but these actually have high calories.


5. Pasta Sauce:

Pasta sauce made of tomatoes is rich in vitamins A and C and guards us against heart diseases and cancer. But, the sauce brands available in stores do the exact opposite, since those products have high sugar and artificial content. The presence of sodium and ascorbic acid also make them less friendly.


6. Fat-free Salad:

This food item gives us a feeling of good health but that thought is completely misleading. By giving a full-fat dressing a miss, you are actually denying yourself the essential nutrients found in fresh vegetables. Don't consider fats only as villains. Your body requires them.


7. Chicken Or Fish Salad:

The word ‘salad' doesn't necessarily mean healthy. Salads containing fish, chicken or shrimps have hidden fats and calories, thanks to the presence of oil and mayonnaise in them.


8. Any Food Claimed To Be ‘Fat-free':

Any ‘fat-free' food is not calorie free. Always remember that fat-free foods are not commercially viable, since they lack flavour and to make them tasty to boost sale, the manufacturers never hesitate to add sugars and other ingredients.


9. Peanut Butter Containing Reduced Butter:

Don't take peanut butter with reduced fat as an alternative to regular peanut butter because the former has more sugar content.


10. Muffins Made Of Bran:

Bran muffins are generally healthy, as they contain proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibre and omega-3 fats. But, those sold outside are hardly healthy, as they have a large calorie content.


11. Baked Potatoes:

A baked potato without a topping is good for health, but those served at restaurants some with butter, cheese and other ingredients can shoot up the fat level alarmingly.


12. Smoothies:

Normally, smoothies that have a combination of fruits and low-fat dairy products are healthy; but those sold outside have so much added ingredients like sugar, flavoured syrups, etc. All that is friend turns into foe in no time.


13. Rice Sold In Boxes:

They seem to be healthy, but rice sold in boxes outside has a high sodium content for its preservation and its consumption gives you high blood pressure and excessive body fluids.


14. Soups In Container:

Always prepare your own soup at home. Canned soups, no matter what they promise, provide sodium, fat and artificial flavours.


15. Fibre-rich Foods:

Fibre is an essential nutrient we need, but that is no reason to eat artificial fibres. A lot of packaged food items promising high fibre content are available, but they might not be of the same food value as those that give natural food value.

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