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Can We Get New Body Organs If They Are Damaged?

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It will be surprising for you to know that our body has the ability to regenerate the cells of some important body organs, in case they get damaged due to an injury, sickness or any other dysfunction.

Just like the way our hair and nails grow, some of the organs in the body, when damaged, can also regenerate themselves by forming new cells.

This means that new cells are formed, which work just like the healthy cells. By default, our body has the capacity to regenerate cells that have been damaged.

When we are ill, there is more degeneration of cells that takes place. In such cases, we should supply the body with healing foods, herbs and nutrients, so that our body gets recovered soon. Unfortunately, medicines used to treat the diseases have no regenerative or repair properties.

Modern medicines just give relief from the associated symptoms. However, there are some best foods that help the body to regenerate damaged body organs. Have a look at some of the organs that are regenerated and the foods that help in their regeneration.


Brain (Nerve Cells) Can Be Repaired

A study has shown that nerve cells can be regenerated after a damage or an injury. If the protective covering of the brain cells (neurons) known as myelin is damaged in an injury or has a dysfunction, it can be repaired.


Foods Which Repair Brain Cells

Foods and herbs such as blueberry, green tea, ginseng, red sage, ashwaganda, coffee, etc, can regenerate the nerve cells. It is interesting to know that falling in love and music can also regenerate some brain cells.



Liver cells can also be regenerated naturally and the foods that help in repairing of the liver cells are vitamin E, Korean ginseng, curcumin (turmeric) and oregano.



The hormone insulin is secreted from the beta-cells of the pancreas and if they are damaged then there will be no insulin secretion or a loss of insulin secretion. This happens in type-1 diabetes, in which the beta-cells get damaged.


Foods That Regenerate Insulin-producing Beta-cells

It will be interesting to know that your kitchen may be full of remedies, which help in the regeneration of beta-cells producing insulin. The foods are broccoli, sprouts, chard, bitter melon, goldenseal, barberry, avocado, turmeric, foods containing vitamin D and black cumin.


Hormone Regeneration

There are foods that can regenerate endocrine gland function to produce more hormones. These foods can increase the ability of endocrine glands and are known as secretagogues. Foods containing vitamin C and pomegranate are the best examples of such foods.


Heart Cell Regeneration

It was believed that heart cells can't be regenerated. But, a new study has shown that heart cells can be regenerated naturally. There are some foods that help in the regeneration of new heart cells, these foods are known as neocardiogenic substances.


Foods That Help In The Regeneration Of Heart Cells

Red wine extract, Siberian ginseng, geum japonicum a herbal flowering plant, garlic and high protein foods (containing cysteine).


Spinal Cord Injury And Joints Regeneration

Do you know that an injured spine, joints and cartilage can be regenerated naturally. Some foods can boost the repair process of the spine and the foods are turmeric, licorice, foods containing arginine, Chinese skullcap herb, honey, marijuana, vitamin B12 and whey protein.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 13:00 [IST]
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