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11 Quick Home Remedies For Bleeding Wounds

Whenever we get a cut accidentally, we usually stop the wound from bleeding by tying the area tight with a piece of cloth or by keeping the affected area under a running tap. We don't have to panic in such conditions and just have to use our minds on how to stop the bleeding effectively.

Bleeding, sometimes, can be a medical emergency and we must take all measures to curb it at that instant . Otherwise, it can have fatal consequences on our body. There are some best home remedies you can use to stop bleeding of a wound immediately at home.

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In case of minor cuts and wounds, you can stop the bleeding easily at home. In this article, we have shared with you certain tips on how to stop bleeding within one minute, using some simple home remedies.

The first aid tip to stop bleeding is to apply a gentle pressure on the wound. You can place a clean fabric on the wound and then press it. This prevents infection that can be caused by the touch of hands.

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However, in case of minor wounds, in which stitches may not be required, a home remedy may be helpful to quickly stop the wound from bleeding. Here are certain best home remedies you can use to stop bleeding within one minute.


Coffee Powder

Apply some coffee powder on the wound to stop it from bleeding. It has astringent effect on the skin and helps in closing the wound faster. This is one of the simplest tips you can use to stop wound bleeding.


Turmeric Powder

Apply some turmeric powder directly on to the open wound to stop the bleeding. It also prevents the infection from spreading to the surrounding areas and stops bleeding within a few minutes.


Tea Bag

Dip a tea bag in cold water and then press it on the wound. Press it gently on the cut or an open wound for a minute or two. This can immediately stop bleeding and help in the formation of blood clot.



Apply some toothpaste on a minor cut to stop bleeding. It causes contraction of the skin (astringent effect), and thus prevents bleeding. It can heal and close the wound faster.



Place a clean piece of glass on an open wound and press it for sometime. It activates the clotting process of the wound, as glass has an electro-negatively charged surface. Use it with care, however, as it may cause another injury if not handled well.


Corn Starch

This is one of the simplest home remedies you can use to stop wound bleeding. Apply some corn starch directly on to the wound. It absorbs the blood coming out and helps in the formation of clot.


Ice Cubes

Press an ice cube on an open wound to stop the bleeding. It will help in the formation of clot, immediately, by constricting the skin cells and tissues.


Cayenne Pepper

Sprinkle some cayenne pepper powder on an open wound to stop bleeding. This helps in the formation of blood clots and closes the wound faster.


St. John’s Wort

This herb has antiseptic and antiviral properties. Applying the leaves on a wound can help the wound heal faster and prevent infection.


Witch Hazel

It is also one of the best treatments that you can use to stop bleeding and also heals the wound effectively. It has an astringent action on the skin and closes the open wounds. Witch hazel also prevents infection, as it has antiseptic properties.



Salt may sound to be a painful treatment to stop bleeding; however, it works effectively. Salt absorbs the blood that comes out of the wound and makes it dry. It can close and heal the wound faster and also can prevent an infection from occurring.

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