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7 Foods That Are Instigating Your Migraine Headache

By: Somya Ojha

According to a recent study, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10 men have migraine, that's how common it is.

Most of us make the mistake of considering it a typical headache, but that is farther from the truth.

Migraine headache ranks in the top 20 of the world's most disabling medical illnesses. And the worst thing about this disorder is that it strikes people in their peak productive years, that is between the age of 25 to 55.

The most-common symptoms of migraine are intense throbbing headache and sensitivity to light.

People who have suffered from it describe the pain as a hammer-like blow to the head.

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There are multitude medications for treating migraine, but a recent study shows that many patients stop using medication after a while because of the harrowing side-effects.

Some of the known side effects of the commonly prescribed medicines are fatigue, sleepiness, nausea, racing heartbeat and many more.

There is a long list of things that can trigger the recurring pain in the head. The most common ones are hormonal changes, food, stress, changes in wake-sleep pattern, etc. As strange as it may sound, there is huge list of food items that trigger those vicious headaches. Specially the food items which contain two amino acids: Tyramine and Phenylethylamine.

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In this article, we at Boldsky, will be emphasizing on the fact that prevention is any day, better than cure. We've compiled a list of food items that you can avoid or reduce the consumption of, to keep those stabbing headaches at bay.


1. Caffeine

Many people rely on caffeine to soothe those headaches but that relief is often short-lived. The right dosage of caffeine is crucial, anything more than 200 milligrams a day can trigger migraine headaches. So, cut down on your daily intake of caffeine and save yourself from a painful headache.


2. Cheese

Aged cheese may taste great but it is pretty high up on the list of food, you need to avoid. Tyramine gets formed when the proteins in cheese break down in the ageing process. So, steer clear of aged cheese to prevent the headaches.


3. Processed Meat

They contain high levels of nitrites and nitrates, which is known to trigger migraine headaches. Cut down on bacon, sausages, pepperoni to keep those headaches at bay.


4. Chocolate

Chocolate has high amount of phenylethylamine in it. One of the main acids, which is known to cause migraine headaches.


5. Ice Cream

Many people have complained of this throbbing pain after having ice cream. It is mainly because of the brain freeze that cold food items cause.


6. Aspartame

This is a kind of artificial sweetener which is present in processed food items like diet soda, candy, gum, etc. Stay away from these food items to avoid getting the stabbing pain in your head.


7. Alcohol

Alcohol is considered a powerful migraine trigger. Steer clear of red wine, beer as they cause dehydration which leads to severe headaches.

We highly advice you to proceed with caution around these food items to avoid migraine headaches.

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