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5 Easy Yoga Poses To Tone Your Body

Posted By: Lekhaka

What do you mean by toning your body? Well, everyone has a different perspective of this word. Don't think about dieting as an option always.

Toning your body means burning the fat along with having a beautiful curved body. Everyone has different height and weight, so don't imitate others of what they do. You may be surprised, but yes - yoga is an answer to this problem as well.

Yoga helps to transform your body on the whole. Everyone wants to look attractive and good, isn't it? Now, a million dollar question is, how to have a toned body?

Many of you will do plenty of things to look pretty and attractive, but you may be unable to find an apt solution. Relax dear readers, take a deep breath because the solution to all your problems is Yoga.

You just need to perform yoga on an empty stomach, and very soon, you can observe the results.
Have a look at these 5 yoga poses to easily tone your body:


1. Tadasana:

This pose helps to tone and strengthen your arms, abdomen, knees, ankles and thighs. The way to perform this pose is as mentioned below:

Step 1: Stand straight with your feet together and spine also erect, keeping your hands by your thighs.
Step 2: Now, lift your hands up and join your palms. Stretch yourself as much as you can.
Step 3: Now, tilt your head backwards and look at your fingertips. Count till 10 and be in the pose.
Step 4: Inhale and exhale gradually and get back to the normal position.


2. Utkatasana:

Following Tadasana, you can continue with this pose. This pose is beneficial for those who have a pear-shaped body. It helps to tone your thighs and calf muscles along with the abdomen. The way to perform this pose is as mentioned below:

Step1: Stand straight in Tadasana and spread out your legs as wide as your shoulders, following your arms too.
Step 2: Now, bend your knees and push your pelvis down, like you sit on the chair.
Step 3: Make sure that your hands are parallel to the ground and your spine is erect.
Step 4: Count till 10 and maintain this pose. Relax for a while and then repeat the same 5-7 times.


3. Savasana:

This allows you to release stress and feel free. The way to perform this pose is as mentioned below:

Step 1: Lie down straight on the mat in a relaxing position and keep your feet a bit apart from each other, along with your arms sidewards and palms facing the ceiling with your eyes closed.
Step 2: Inhale and exhale in a rhythm and concentrate on your breathing.
Step 3: To get back to the position, slowly move your toes and fingers, and open your eyes.


4. Bhujangasana:

After Savasana, you can just toss yourself and be on your tummy. This pose helps you to tone your upper and lower back and spine, along with your arms and abdominal region. The way to perform this pose is as mentioned below:

Step 1: Lie down on your mat and then toss on your tummy and keep your legs together and stretch your arms forward. Spread your palms at the width of your shoulders.
Step 2: Inhale deeply and press your palms on the floor, pushing your body away from the hips.
Step 3: Stretch as much as you can and you can feel the pressure on your abs.
Step 4: Now, tilt your head backwards and look up.
Step 5: Be in the pose till you count 10, or as you feel comfortable, and repeat the same 5 times.


5. Makarasana:

This is the most relaxing pose you can perform. The way to perform this pose is as mentioned below:

Step 1: Sit normally and then stretch your legs slowly backwards, by pushing your torso away from the thighs.
Step 2: Stretch your feet as wide as your shoulder and your hands should be crossed beneath your head and let your forehead rest on your crossed forearms.
Step 3: Close your eyes and relax.

All these above-mentioned poses, if followed religiously for 20 days, will show you the results and you can highly benefit from these in having a toned body.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 15, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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