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Do You Smile Enough? Smile More As This Free Act Can Do Your Health A World Of Good

Posted By: Lekhaka

Smiling is the most beneficial human activity. Though it is a response to something which makes us happy, but the importance of smiling is much more than just a physical activity.

Smiling, even if it is forced, leaves a positive impact on our mood and mental health. It reduces stress levels and creates an environment of relaxation,which in turn suits the individuals present in the state. So, smiling has an overall positive impact. 

To go into the details about the positive impacts of smiling, here we list 5such benefits of smiling for our overall healthand well-being:

is smiling good for health

1. Smiling Is AContagious Positive Thing: When we see someone smiling, we also tend to reciprocate or join the party,which proves that this particular activity is contagious. Research has shown that when we see somebody smiling, it activates the area of our brain that controls the facial movement and that leads to a smile in us. Smiling as an infection doesn't take care of the environment. People tend to reciprocate smiling even when the chips are down.

is smiling good for health

2. Good To Reduce Stress And Pressure On The Heart: It is difficult to smile when under stress,but studies have shown that if one can do so, he/she is actually doing himself/herself as wellasothers around abigfavour. Smiling reduces the pressure on the heart and leaves a calming effect.

is smiling good for health

3. Release Of Endorphins: Endorphins are chemicals that make us happier. They are released during physical activity like exercising and running. And believe it or not, just a smile also releases the same chemicals and helpsreduce the stress level. So,what about getting the same benefit that running gives,just by smiling?

is smiling good for health

4. Betters Immunity: Smiling helps the body produce white blood cells that fight illness and this makes the immunity stronger. It is not without a reason that children undergoing treatment are told funny stories and played with for their entertainment,since the more they laugh, the higher their blood cell counts go up, hence boosting their health.

is smiling good for health

5. Good For Brain: Smiling makes the mind to get into a positive frame and staysin that state for a longer period. This in turn helps yourself in various ways like increasingyourproductivity, making you stay positive and focused and also helping you to adjust with the new challenges faster.

It is because smiling is a precious activity for our health that we see more and more people joining laughterclubs these days. It helps people who have various ailments to recover faster and stay fit.

Laughter improves the state of the heart and improves the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. Laughter is also good for the lungs and reduces symptoms of ailments like allergies, arthritis, asthma and other chronic illnesses.

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Story first published: Sunday, December 18, 2016, 12:30 [IST]
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