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15 Sleep Hacks For A Sound Sleep

By: Tanushree Kulkarni

According to a study conducted, 14% of the respondents suffered from sleeping disorders such as insomnia. Believe it or not, lack of enough and good sleep can even lead to mental illnesses.

We all want to get enough and good quality sleep, but it is easier said than done. Some say the usage of electronic devices before bed, drinking too much caffeine or alcohol, or a lack of exercise in our schedule is the main reason for the lack of sleep that we face.

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Lack of sleep can cause us to feel more disturbed on the next day, in which we can find difficulty in concentrating on our work, leading to a much frustrated mind. So, having a good 8 hours of sleep each night is the habit that we should get adjusted to regularly.

However, luckily, we have some tips and tricks in our arsenal that will help you fight sleep problems - big or small. Whether your aim is to get more shut eye or a more peaceful one, we have compiled a list to help you sleep better.

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Here’s presenting some sleep hacks to help you sleep better.


Avoiding Alcohol Before Hitting The Bed

Contrary to the popular perception, drinking alcohol before sleeping is a bad idea if you want a sound sleep. When the buzz fizzles, you will have a problem in sleeping.


Switch Off An Hour Before Bedtime

Lower the lights and switch off all your electronic devices such as laptops, TV, smartphone, etc, an hour before bedtime. Bright light is the biggest trigger for the brain to stay up and be wide awake.


Cut Down On Caffeine

Believe it or not, caffeine can stay in your blood longer than you'd expected. While it may be a good way to jolt you out of that afternoon lethargy, excess of it can keep you up till late. Consider putting down coffee after morning to help you sleep early.



Meditation or prayer is a good way to relax before sleep. It helps in slowing down your breathing rate and helps you doze off early.


Kick The Butt

According to a study, smokers are more likely to feel lethargic and tired when they wake up than non-smokers. So, quit smoking for a relaxed and peaceful sleeping experience.


Take A Hot Water Shower

Taking a hot water bath before bed helps people to sleep quickly and longer. The drop in temperature caused after a hot water bath is similar to the drop in the temperature when the mind is preparing the body for sleep.


Stop Slacking

According to a study, those who exercise are more likely to get a better sleep than those who don't. And the good news is that it takes just a few minutes every day to make a difference.


Reserve Your Bed For Sleep

You are less likely to have a peaceful sleep in your bed if you spend time eating, reading or sitting on it. Avoid any other activities than sleep or sex on the bed.


Prepare Your Bedroom

To prepare yourself for sleep, ban all the noisy electronics from your room. Get a mattress that is comfortable and make sure your bedroom is painted in soothing colours.


Avoid Too Much Of Napping

During the day, avoiding napping for more than 30 minutes or it may disturb your night-time sleep. A good amount of 30 minutes should do to recharge your brain in the afternoon nap time.


Don’t Eat A Heavy Meal Late At Night

Eating a heavy meal late in the night is a nightmare in disguise. It is more likely to keep you up late at night by causing indigestion problems in you.


Avoid Sugar

Cut down on sugar before bed for a sound sleep. It is known to spike your blood sugar level, which is more likely to keep you wide awake at night.


Keep A Definite Sleep Pattern

Keeping a definite sleep pattern on a weekend morning may sound like an impossible chore, but it is beneficial if you do. The change in sleeping pattern disturbs your natural body clock, causing you to stay awake more than usual.


Try A New Pillow

Try a new pillow. Sometimes, the dust build-up in the pillow can cause allergies in people causing them to remain awake for longer at night.


And Finally, Visualise

If despite doing all these things you can't sleep, then imagine yourself in a serene and soothing atmosphere. Silly as it may sound, but it helps in slowing down your brain causing you to slumber early.

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Story first published: Monday, April 4, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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