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Exercise May Cut Alcohol Health Risk

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Drinking alcohol during social functions is very common among adults. Occasional drinking poses no threat to health, but occasionally the occasional social drinking may progress with time into alcohol abuse. However, according to latest research, exercise may help cut alcohol health risks.

Alcohol abuse has altered effects on our body and chronic drinking can present important health threats. Alcohol affects the mind and the nerve system by slowing down the drinker's responses and making him feel tranquilized and relaxed.

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When taken in higher dose, alcohol may cause mental block out, impairing the individual's attention and capability to judge scenarios correctly.

benefits of exercise

The liver is mostly affected by chronic alcohol abuse. Alcoholic hepatitis happens when the liver cells are damaged due to heavy drinking. On the other hand, cirrhosis is a result of the long term excessive alcohol abuse in which large areas of the liver are ruined or scarred. Damage to the liver might become extremely serious and life threatening.

benefits of exercise

Long term alcohol use creates harm and weakens the heart's physical tissues leading to heart failure. Anaemia and bleeding disorders may also result from chronic alcohol abuse. Peptic ulcer disease is probably to develop in heavy drinkers. A man's capability to procreate is usually impacted by alcohol abuse.

benefits of exercise

However, according to latest research, those who drink alcohol but are also found to exercise can save themselves from certain diseases. Those who meet the daily exercise requirements of the body are said to be protected from it.

benefits of exercise

It has been found that those who exercise regularly have been found to die less of cancer. They have been found to be protected from various types of cancer. These people were found not to suffer from breast or colon cancer compared to those who do not exercise.

Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can help protect against heart diseases. However, if you are a heavy drinker, make sure to protect yourself against several diseases by exercising regularly.

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Story first published: Friday, October 7, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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