8 Things To Do If You Are Suffering From Depression

By: Shubham Ghosh

Depression is something that almost all of us suffer from at some point of time of our lives. It is indeed a lean phase when one feels helpless and pessimistic.

But it's just a behavioural pattern,which makes things look difficult for one. A little change in behaviour, physical activity, lifestyle and thought process can help one to return to the normal being.

If depression is not addressed at an early stage, it can lead to chronic disorder, which can be very difficult to overcome at a later phase. Hence, it is important to treat this condition at the earliest, so as to better manage this ailment.

Here are 8 tips that can help one suffering from depression, read on and spread the word:


1. Ignore Negative Thoughts:

Easier said than done for sure but not impossible. Change the way you look at things by thinking about the positive aspects of life. Remember, each of the billions living on this earth have their own set of problems that make them feel helpless. So,depression is a universal phenomenon and there is nothing to pity yourself about it.


2. Set Goals:

It definitely sounds difficult as a depressed mind doesn't think missions are possible in life. That breeds more depression. But,it is important to set daily goals in such situations, even if they are small. Small successes will bring back the confidence and will do a world of good to your fight against depression.


3. Follow A Routine In Life:

If things are not going in your favour and you are feeling depressed, it is not wise to give up. Maintain a routine,so that you do not lose track of your own life. Bad days will lead to good days;but if you allow the depression to disrupt your normal lifestyle, then it will take even more time to return to the normal cycle.


4. Sleeping Properly:

When in depression, one tends to overlook sleep;but it is very important to get a proper amount of sleep. Make sure you go to bed early and get up on time. Avoid too much television-viewing as well as surfing the internet lazily for long hours. A little hard work in the beginning will see your sleep improving gradually.


5. Healthy Eating:

Depression can make you eat too much of unhealthy food,but it is important to control such tendency,as it can affect your physical health. Eat healthy ingredients instead,so that your depression gets a counter-reaction. Foods that have Omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid can help ease depression.


6. Be Proactive:

People tend to dissociate themselves with regular responsibilities in life. It is essential to do the opposite to deal with depression. Engage in activities and carry out your responsibilities with enthusiasm to not only divert your mind from negative thoughts,but also to give your self a sense of accomplishment,which brings back the confidence required to overcome depression. Doing voluntary service also improves your mental state.


7. Do New Things:

Depression pushes you to a limit and it depends on you to challenge that limit. Engage in something you haven't done in the past or something you haven't done for a long time. Do gardening or watch a good movie or go to the museum. Learn a new language. These things will renew your interest in life.


8. Engage In Physical Activities:

Exercising produces a feel-good chemical called endorphins and this may help people with depression in the long run. Just do some freehand exercisesand go for a walk. It will boost your energy level as well as your mood.

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