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DoesYour Body Make Certain Sounds? Here Are 8 Sounds That May Signal A Disorder!

By Lekhaka

Our body is a machine and like every other machine, it also makes sounds from time to time. Most of them are perfectly okay thoughtheycan cause embarrassment;but sometimes,they can be signs of serious ailments.

Usually, we may tend to ignore these sounds and concentrate more on the other outer issues; however, you must know that these sounds could also indicate certain underlying ailments. And ignoring them is only going to put our health into more trouble.


That is why it is imperative to pay heed to the sounds your body usually makes, so as to treat the health condition early and effectively.

Here are 8 such instances when our body makes certain sounds and we need to worry about them:


1. ‘Whistling’ Sound In The Nose:

This could be caused if the airflow in your nose has been obstructed, signaling the accumulation of excess mucus in the nasal passage. Try healthy means to decongest the nose blocked by may be cold or allergy. Too much whistling could hint at a tear in the cartilage between the nostrils.


2. Snoring:

Another embarrassing sound in your nose,which might suggest that things could be bad for your heart. Habitual snorers can also have disruptions like sleep apnoea,which can affect the health. Hence, if you are snoring too much, see a doctor.


3. ‘Belching’ In The Stomach:

This is a sound caused by air escaping your stomach. Do not talk with your mouth full and avoid carbonated drinks to reduce burps. If burping is accompanied with chest pain or a bad throat, it could signal gastroesophageal reflux disease and would require medication.


4. Hiccups:

Hiccups can be irritating;but if it lasts too long, it could mean a nervous disorder. Hiccups generally occur when the air rushing in your mouth hits the voice box and the vocal cords close suddenly.


5. ‘Cracking’ In The Joints:

This is normal since your joints are made flexible by the lubrication of fluid. When you sit, stand or twist your arms, the change in pressure and the popping of the fluid can make this happen,which is absolutely normal. But if the popping sound is accompanied with pain and sensitivity, it may require a medical attention.


6. ‘Whooshing’ In The Ears:

This may occur when you are resting your head on a pillow and lying down. The sound might be caused when blood moves through the carotid artery and jugular vein behind your ear. Whooshing without any hearing obstruction could mean that a blood vessel has been blocked.


7. ‘Murmuring’ In The Belly:

This is the sound of the air and fluid,as they move through the digestive tract. If the sound occurs in an empty stomach, it means that your body requires food. But if the sound is too high and accompanied with pain and nausea, it could mean something is really badwith the system.


8. ‘Ringing’ Sound In The Ears:

Do you often hear a bell ringing in your ears? It could be tinnitus. Ageing, infection or any damage to the inner ear could be the reason for this condition. You must see a doctor if this sound lasts for more than two days and you also feel pain in your ears.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 21, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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