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Developments In Cardiac Surgery

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Nothing succeeds like success; such is the scenario of cardiac surgery offered in the present day to the patients who need it.

'Bypass' has become a common operation in which the patient can go and earn their own bread within 3 weeks of getting the operation done.

Congenital heart defects nearly 'ALL' can be cured if detected at the right time before (ante-natal) or after birth (post-natal) in the child's life.

Most of the valvular heart diseases can be cured in 'cath labs' or by repairing the valves and 'NOT' replacing the heart with metallic valve, which predates the patient to take lifelong blood thinners (anticoagulants).

Developments In Cardiac Surgery

The medical science has progressed to such a level that now 'TISSUE' valves have been developed, which, once implanted, don't require blood thinners after 6 weeks of implant into the human body, hence are a perfect choice for women in the child-bearing age group, as the blood thinners have deleterious effects on the foetus.

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Every bright thing has a darker side to it and so is the case with this. These tissue valves don't last lifelong and have to be replaced after 12-15 years, if needed.

In the recent past, 'TWO' major developments have happened in the field of cardiac surgery, which are as follows:

  • Minimal invasive cardiac surgery (MICS)
  • Cardiac transplant and left ventricular assist device (LVADs)

MICS, in other words, is also known as 'KEY HOLE' surgery. Here, from 2-3 inch of muscle-splitting incision from left or right side of the chest, doctors approach the heart and operate and thus do not CUT OPEN the front chest bone in the traditional way they used to, until this new approach came into practice.

How This Helps:
Less pain, faster recovery, patient reaches ward the next day from ICU, gets discharged on Day 3 or 4 of operation and, most importantly, can be back to work in 15 days - these are just some of the benefits of these practices.

Developments In Cardiac Surgery

What Are The Operations That Can Be Performed Using The MICS Technique?
Generally, most of the operations can be performed by the MICS technique line.
- Bypass operation for heart vessels [coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)]
- Repairing or replacing heart valves
- Congenital heart surgeries (ASD, S.V. ASD)

What Is Cardiac Transplant:
First performed five decades back, but now with the invention of good immunosuppressant drugs, this procedure has provided a renewed interest in the cardiac surgeons all across the world to give hope to "all the End-stage young heart failure" patients.

What Is LVADS?
LVADS, is a biomechanical wonder, created by engineers, which is an externally electrical battery-driven device fitted inside the patient's chest that provides support to the failing left ventricle to about 60 per cent, hence improving the quality of life of these bed-ridden patients. It even helps patients to go back to their work after 15 days of the procedure.

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Story first published: Saturday, June 25, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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