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Could Your Nap Time Lead To Diabetes?

Posted By: Staff
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Earlier, medical professionals used to say that diabetes mellitus is an inherited disease. Several years ago, this was believed to be the main cause of diabetes mellitus, but now, you will find that researchers have come up with other factors which lead to the progression of the disease.

Could Your Nap Time Lead To Diabetes1

Diabetes mellitus is of 3 distinct kinds - type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. You can develop diabetes mellitus if it runs in your family. It can be genetic.

Could Your Nap Time Lead To Diabetes2

You might also get this disease if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, overeat all the time, do no exercise, are under a lot of stress, drink alcohol excessively, etc. Gestational diabetes is the one that pregnant women develop.

Could Your Nap Time Lead To Diabetes3

But have you heard about the fact that your nap time could be the reason why you have developed diabetes? According to recent research, diabetes mellitus is directly related to long naps that you take during the day.

Could Your Nap Time Lead To Diabetes4

Researchers claim that snoozing during the day is not only related to diabetes, it can also lead to other diseases like heart issues, high levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure levels and increase in weight.

Could Your Nap Time Lead To Diabetes5

And by napping, it does not mean the power nap we sometimes resort to during the day. Here we are talking about napping for more than one hour during the day. Generally, it has been seen that people who complain of fatigue during the day are more prone to nap for more than one hour during daytime.

Could Your Nap Time Lead To Diabetes6

Hence, it was concluded that people who nap for more than one hour during daytime suffer from fatigue and this can be linked to several other conditions that a person might be suffering from. The daytime nap is an indication that there is something wrong with the person's body.

After extensive research, it was found that some people who take nap during the day and are prone to suffer from diabetes suffer from sleep apnea. In this condition, people stop breathing while sleeping. As a result these people do not get enough sleep during the night.

This results in the release of the stress hormone called cortisol, which raises your blood pressure levels and also causes a surge in your blood sugar levels. This is how your nap time is related to diabetes.

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